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Hello and Thank you!

I just want to say hello to everybody and a big thank you to you all - although i haven't posted on here before i have been reading all the posts for some time now and I find the information really helpful.My husband has now got used to me saying 'on the asthma UK website..................'

I have been asthmatic for 3 years following a bout of pneumonia (picked up in portugal!) I have to say it has really changed my life around - not for the best. I have gradually become worse over the last year or so - pred doesn't help much at all anymore so am now waiting to find out what is next, along with my already extensive medcine cabinet! I'm hoping I can stay home for a while now though.

I still manage to work (occasionally) and have a very supportive team around me but am off at the moment having had a severe reaction to my flu jab!Although i dont have any allergies!!

Well thats enough of me rambling on - I just wanted to let you know how useful your posts are - keep up the good work and I hope all of you who aren't too good feel better soon.


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Hi Vicky,

Sorry to hear that you arent well after the flu jab. Hopefully it will pass fairly quickly! I wasn't great for a while afterwards - only a day or 2 but still much better than the flu. I had it a month ago & so far so good no colds or anything!

Look after yourself.


Welcome to AUK,

Glad you are finding us helpful. I am hearing a lot about peopel reacting to the flu jab this year. Did you have the pneumonia one with it or flu on its own? Min flu jab is booked for beginning of December.



I just had the flu jab on its own - i've not had problems in previous years but I was in an ambulance within 6 hours of the jab.


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