I itch all over

Happy new year all

Just wanted to know has anyone else had this since having fku like symptoms at christmas I itch alll over including eyelids etc.

I mentioned it to a dr who said your an allergic person it must be an allergy??!!?

I know when my back itches its a sign my asthma getting worse-Im on regular antihistamines and had addd in piriton but still i itch. I dont use washing powder ive been using eco ball for bout 4 yrs

Any ideas?


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  • hiya

    Yes yes yes! Ive had a maddening itch for about a week its been driving me mad i feel like ive got fleas which i do not!! Ive also got a bit of a pimply rash too so i just went to dr and got some antihistamines got them on tues and still itching my socks off! :-) not sure what it is but your not alone ive had a bad throat and a heavy cold since christmas so maybe given yours was post flu like symptoms its a viral thing?! Maybe worth a visit to your friendly practice nurse or gp if it does continue tho. Sorry cant help more. From one itchy person to another good luck lv kat Xxx

  • update on itch


    Just to say still have itch

    did mention it to a dr who wasnt particularly perturbd as there is no rash!!

    Have had 2 admitions this year-I know its still only january had to do the 9s again on friday to be told by rapid response that the hospitals are busy-Im very well aware of the fact I only phone when Im desparate!! was given a coulpe of nebs on oxygen and told to call again if I neded to, am jut ""soldiering on""


  • My husband had a terrible itch all over, he was put on piriton one four times a day. It helped for a while but then he came out in a rash all over his body. He got referred to a skin specialist and was told he had dermatitis, and was put on betnovate cream (On prescripition only) and a moisurizer (sp) He said his skin was very dry and it was important to use a moistuirzer, and to add a note of interest the very cold weather aggravates skin conditions.

    Hope this helps.


  • hi

    Yes my skin is dry but I have an allergy to all things that have alcohol in. Which include all creams.I dont use washing powder I use eco balls have done for years.

    Am at a loss what to do?

    any ideas?


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