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Cant SLeep


Ive been up for what seems ages Ive read a bit and came on here.

Ive been told i have tennis elbow ad to rest it-its my left elbow and im left handed- the pain now shoots down to the fingers and up to the shoulder.Even have problems doing up my jeans, putting on socks etc

.I now use a tray for a drink far better than a staw ad use both hands to pick up mug. Ive tried numerous pain killers,codeine gives me a headache along with pretty much other things except paracetamol but even taking them the pain is still there.

Feel wide awake now so given up thought of going to bed,today the only day this week ive not got an appt.


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Im with you on that one, had a mild attack yesterday and the emergency doctor completely changed my meds, restless night and post man woke me up this morning, now im completely shattered but have to go to the pharmacy as ive buggered up my new symbicort inhaler..... ho hum and i was getting so much better the last 6 weeks!

stoopid hayfever season (*kick punch the air!*) !!

hope you get better soon penny bless you take care lovely

kel xx


Must have been insomniacs night!

Was awake on & off all night.... off for a snooze this PM.



PS Kelwoo, watch language please, young people do read these boards!



me too kate me too need a power nap im shattered laters lol! Zzzzzzzz! Xx


I will join the power napping! I am worn out after a night of coughing for no apparent reason.



oops sorry Kate had a case of the grumps (scuttles into naughty corner!) wont do again scouts honour!

kel xx


must have been one of those nights, I couldn't sleep and am now knackered. I know about the pain in the left arm, I've had this for weeks, arm feels weak/numb and shoulder area, and discomfort around the left rib cage, just one of the side effects of the meds I guess, but hope they disappear soon. Hope you get better soon, and have a better nights sleep.



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