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Sounds like an athlete doesn't he? Seriously though, his plan to stop the congestion charge in Kensington and Chelsea (see front page) will have (serious) consequences for those living with asthma. Sounds like the Daily Mail (Wail, Right-wing fascist rag, whatever you want to call it) has had some influence here.

Well done BoJo. Another screw-up from the House of Buffoonery.

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Kensington and Chelsea eh?-wonder which demographic of voters he is winning over there????

re The Daily Mail -it really is the most awful garbage and I seem to recall that the Rothermeres were sympathisers of a certain National Socialist leader.


Congestion charge or not, glad I don't have to go to South Kensington to visit RBH anymore. Found most of the shops pretentious, though there were nice pubs in Old Kings Road and Old Brompton Road. Even with the congestion charge enforce in SK and Chelsea still found my asthma rubbish when visiting. Give me rural Herefordshire any day.


I am massively opposed to any form of ""congestion"" charging. Hybrid SUV's like those bloomin' huge Lexus things are exempt, whereas a Ford Ka has to pay. Which one of those, pray tell, causes the most ""congestion""?!

Of course, the hybrid SUV also pumps out more CO2 than a Ford Ka does...

Like most things thought up by Labour, it's a half-baked solution (that doesn't work) to a problem that isn't actually the one they're meant to be tackling.

On the few occasions that I've had to pass through central London, the air quality was dire. I don't know that it can get much worse. Perhaps the new ""low pollution zones"" will improve matters?


But surely the congestion charge is (was) a way of reducing the number of cars in central London not necessarily the actual size?


It's meant to be a way of reducing ""congestion"", and a larger car will cause more congestion than a small one - especially if you're trying to manoeuvre around in tight spaces like a city centre.

Therefore, a logical congestion charge would not have such a ridiculous loophole as to allow a hybrid SUV to get in free whilst charging a low-pollution, tiny Smart car, for example.


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