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got diagnosis

been to docs today, doc has confirmed mild asthma in particular exercise induced asthma. Have to monitor things for 'a bit' then go back. When not exercising, I have symptoms 3-4 times a week but apparently the drop in peak flow isn't massive only about 10 to 15% so i've just got a reliever inhaler. I.m glad i know whats up with me now but scared coz its opened up a whole new thing that i know nothing about!

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However, now you know you can concentrate on keeping it under control. :o) and you're in the best place to do so!

Did the GP recommend taking your blue reliever BEFORE you exercise? This can help ward off symptoms before they start and reduce the effects of the exercise on your lungs.

Hope things settle down for you.


Thanks, yeah I'm so glad this site is here, esp the forum. I have loads of questions I wish I'd asked my doc but you always forget when you're in there dont you!

Yes I've had a trial of the blue reliever before exercise which helped confirm the diagnosis, its a great help, it's like having a whole new set of lungs!! He said I should use it before exercise and whenever I get the symptoms.

So we'll see how things go and go back 'in a bit'!!

Thanks again


Hi, glad you got your diagnosis. I'm using my blue inhaler before I go walking. I'm now up to 5 miles with a bit of ascent so hoping that I'll be back to normal soon. Have you been able to get up to your previous levels of exercise?

Having read loads here, it seems that symptoms are the things to monitor rather than your peak flows, so keep a check and let the Dr know if you start getting symptoms at other times.

I know what you mean about it opening up a whole new thing, but lots of good stuff on this site and on the web. Take care


Reply can be upsetting but you will get used to it and the good news for you is that you have been diagnosed without having had to suffer a really bad attack....try to read up on what a asthma attacks feel like so that you are prepared if one happens....good luck x


Thanks Sonja, I've recently taken up running in a bid to lose weight, I was close to giving up because of the symptoms but have found it much easier with the inhaler, I'm only up to 2 miles but it's more than I've done before!! I agree that the peak flow doesn't always correlate with symptoms so I think I'll be going by my symptoms from now on, and yeah i get symptoms (other than exercise related) about 3-4 times a week but with no obvious trigger, except when my husband cut the grass the other day, which had me reaching for my inhaler within minutes!! Thanks for your advice xxx

Thanks jay too, yeah I guess I have the advantage of knowing before suffering a big attack, so far I only have a tight chest & breathless, but it never gets that bad. With any look I'll be able to prevent one ever happenning (is this possible?) by having my inhaler to hand.

I'm so glad there are so many people on here to help and offer advice xxx


well done on taking up running, something you may find useful is also two puffs after you finish. Something I started doing a while back, especially after swimming. I am at present having a really good spell and running without ventolin, the warm weather I think,

During cold weather there is some argument over should you use ventolin before exercise or not, I'm not sure and will have to test this out over the winter, but the theory is that if you do take it, you just open the airways up and expose more surface area to the cold, thus creating a problem. It's suggested that if you can exercise in the cold without taking it so much the better and then use it when you get home.

Once again good luck, keep up the running. Take it easy to start with and hope as I expect you will soon find, your asthma actually starts to improve and result in higher peakflows. read this


Thanks woody, I'm enjoying the running now I can concentrate on it rather than struggling to breathe and from the link it looks like I'm doing the right thing. Interesting what you said about the cold weather, hadn't thought about it, will have to see how I get on, lets hope the warm weather is here for some time!!


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