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Hayfever Relief recommendations

Just wondered if anyone can recommend any hayfever relief tablets/drops etc, mines only just started kicking off (don't know what it is that's bothering me). Started with stuff nose, itchy back of throat and itchy inner ear, but now I have sore/dry eyes. Is there anything that anyone can recommend so sort it out?

I never used to get hayfever, but over the last few years i've noticed I'm reacting more and more to it. This year I've been diagnosed with asthma too. Going camping this weekend, don't know how I'll get on, haven't been since last year.

Thanks in advance

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hi,just take your antihistamines and all your asthma stuff when go

camping and should be ok.

Ive never had antihistamines till this year.

got no hayfever at all but asthma nurse said might help with the high temps

so started then a week a go x


thanks glynis. Do you get antihistamines from doc or chemist? I haven't got anything other than my reliever at mo.


Go on Wilko's and get the non-drowsy once a day ones.... I think they are 99p a pack


I got mine of my doc as most chemists only usualy enough for a week and doc

gives you a month at a time.

I have a 3 month certiff so get them on that,if you pay for the perscriptions then

might get them cheeper xxx



I have taken cetirizine (usually branded as Zirtek) for years and found it very useful and I do take Beconase nasal spray if I feel really bad. Make sure you take your antihistamines every day - even if you have no symptoms - as the drug builds up in your body and offers more protection. I had years of taking them only when my symptoms were bad and not every day and I had worse symptoms as a result.

I get mine from a UK internet pharmacy now (it's one approved by the NHS and the relevant bodies, not one of these dodgy ones that sell dummy pills!) and last time I paid 5p for a pack of 30 generic cetirizine (I bought 6 packs) and paid £2.50 p&p. Much cheaper than even the high-street.


obviously antihistamine tablets. I just take cetrizine hydrochloride onnes from boots.

other things i recommend is if you get sinus headaches take some sudafed decongestants with you

and finally for the stuffy nose nasal spray! nasonex or beclometasone one.


thanks for you advice everyone and thanks marko, will be checking out the online store!


hay fever relief

I take clarytin tablets. If I forget to take one I have an asthma attack. Good luck.


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