Should I do anything?

Have spent the last week with a sore throat and a really annoying tickly cough that's doing my head in. I haven't felt specific asthma symptoms other than a heavy chest, BUT my peak flow has dropped from 550 to 450 (so nearly 80% of PB) I don't have an asthma action plan but after looking on the internet, if I did I'd be just about in the orange zone. Do I need to do anything?

Strangely I only just upped my Seretide from 125 2 puffs BD to 250 2 puffs BD as I was using little blue a lot, so I would have though this would have helped take my PF up?

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  • If i were you, i think i would book appointmemt with gp or asthma nurse.

    Could your probs possibly relate to changed inhaler?

    No matter what, you really do need an action plan.

    Hope you pick up soon


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