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gp vs asthma nurse?

just after your opinion. Just been diagnosed and feel a bit dumped with it and left to get on. Doc said monitor things for a bit and come back to him or asthma nurse if theres any problems. I.m not having problems but would like a bit more advice/support. Should i go back to doc or asthma nurse. I know their time is precious so don't really want to waste it just for 'a natter about asthma and me'.↲What do you think?

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Your asthma nurse will chat to you if you need to know more about your asthma.

it takes some getting use toit and only through AUK I got to understand all about it.

If your well in yourself but feel like you need more answers I would go see her or ring the asthma

nurse on here,

good luck,

Glynis xxx


Hi. I know how you feel! It does take time to come to terms with the diagnosis and the fact that it is a long term condition. I would go and see your nurse, as it is important to have all the information you need to give you confidence. That way you have a much better chance of remaining problem free. Sonja


I had the same problem, until i got referred to my nurse. she is amazing and soo helpful, i had another nurse at my doctors surgery who saw me once a year, but she had absoloutely NO idea what she was going on about and when i went ot my doctors about my asthma playin up, he was baffled and just said 'i'll put you on steroids' i would say see a specialist asthma nurse because you'll find that they know more about the subject xx


thanks for your replies. I'll compile my list of questions and make an appointment soon. Have just recieved my leaflets that i ordered from AUK and paid a visit to the library so i've got some info to read.


Gp vs Asthma nurse

Before I got to know my asthma nurses I got execellent advice from Auk



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