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Seretide - twice a day or every 12 hours??

I know this has been discussed before but cant seem to find it in the search.

I take Seretide but am not sure whether I should take it twice a day i.e when I get up (6-7am) and when I go to bed (10-11pm) or 12 hours apart.

The reason I ask is that I take it when I get up at 6/7am but when I go for my run at 7pm I find it difficult i.e. I have my asthma symptoms, exercise is a big trigger for me.

After a bit of playing about I've found that if I take my 2 puffs of Seretide and 2 puffs of ventolin 15mins before I run, then another 2 puffs of ventolin 5 minutes before I run, I get on ok. (Then I wouldn't have anymore Seretide until the following morning)

I just wondered if this makes sense, and if I'm doing it right?!

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that seems fine.

I take mine morning and night as i get up or go bed and not always on time at weekends.

love Glynis xxx


I try and do mine at 7 am and 7 pm. Not always possible, but mostly fine. The long acting reliever's for 12 h so it makes sense.


I do mine at 6 and 6; I find that I get the evening routine done better than if I leave it until later.


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