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Self Employed - DDA?

Hi Guys

I have seen the conversation on other pages on DDA what is this? I stupidly went fully-self employed in Jan 2006 and have been ill so many times and was signed off a month before christmas - which means no pay. I cannot get any benefit self-employed. So am now working 2 days a week locally (so no commuting) to try and recuperate this year (i have a supportive partner but this has put a strain on our finances etc especially as we just got a stupid mortgage thinking i would be well). Is anyone in a similar situation? I applied for private insurance but they wont touch asthma complications.

This year I am trying to get well so can work full-time again and have a career which has been put on hold.


ps i used to have a very supportive paye employer who paid me full pay for 3 months when ill and i stupidly left as i felt it was that job/environment making me ill.

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Hi Julie, I can't give you much info about the DDA, although they do have a website I'm told is very informative. However, I can tell you that if your earnings through self-employment are below a certain threshold then you may well be able to get Working Tax Credit. I did when I was self-employed. If you get DLA, then you may also be able to get the disability component of WTC, so it's worth looking into. You can get info about it from your local social security office, jobcentre or disability advisor at jobcentre plus. I found the DAs very helpful when I had dealings with them.

I hope this is of some use.



Hi Becky

Thanks for this - I will investigate:-) much much appreciated.

Best wishes and hope you are well:-)



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