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As a lifelong (well, since I was about 5) hay fever sufferer, I was originally diagnosed with childhood asthma back in the 80s, during a particularly hot summer holiday (we had to find a GP while on holiday) when I had a hacking cough and drank so many fluids to try and reduce the incessant coughing that I kept wetting the hotel bed! :( I wasn't given anything for it as it was deemed 'seasonal' I guess. I was also in a swimming club at the time and that helped as I was quite fit *sigh*

When I first met my hubby's best mate and his wife about 5 years ago, they had two long-haired, mangey cats and to be frank, their house was filthy with cat fur. By the time we left after a 3-hour visit, I could barely breathe. Subsequently, I got a Ventolin spray from my GP, as I've gradually become more allergic to animals as the years go by - my best mate has a dog, and my sister-in-law has a large hairy Alsatian, plus a cat.

Over this last Christmas, I started with a cold which just settled on my chest and at the beginning of January I had to leave work it was so bad, and get myself an emergency GP appointment. My GP asked if I'd been using my Ventolin spray and tbh it had never occurred to me as I just presumed it was a chest cold or at worst a chest infection. Felt a bit of a muppet I must admit. Anyway, she prescribed me a preventer and a new inhaler (the other one hadn't been used for a while) along with a spacer (stupidly forgetting I had to pay prescription charge for that as well!) which I've already stopped using.

I work in an open-plan office but there's no air-con or anything and I don't find that it affects me that badly - although I work in a University so there's always some germs or other floating about! If I laugh too hard, I start hacking and coughing away. My preventer ran out at the weekend but I was confused by the conflicting information; my GP said only use it till my condition improved but the instruction leaflet said don't stop using it unless your GP says so. The pharmacist told me to use it all the time.

I apparently have to see my GP before I can get another preventer - is this just because it's my first time or is this routine? Long story short, I rang the surgery and asked for one on a repeat prescription last week. Instead of telling me that I couldn't have one, I was prescribed something completely random off my repeat list! As I didn't know the actual name of the product, they're basically saying it's my fault and I should apparently know that my GP has to see me again first.

As the hay fever is starting to kick in, I'll have to see how I get on for the next couple of months and whether it has any bearing on my asthma.

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Hi Shazbat

Welcome! :)

As your GP told you to only take the preventer until your condition improved, s/he probably didn't put it on your repeat prescription list, which could be why you have to see your GP again to get another one. I get all my inhalers on repeat prescription, and have never had to see my GP to get a new one.

It'd be a good idea to clarify with your GP how long you're supposed to take it for, I hate getting conflicting information, it's always good to know what you should be doing!!

Dawn x


Hi Shazbat, How many inhalers etc do you have per month? If you havce more than two items per month it is worth getting a NHS pre paid season ticket on Direct Debit at around £11.00 per month. It save me a fortune especially now when the old chest is making a row and have had around 6-8 scripts in the last week alone. With a season ticket it provides comfort knowing that you can afford the rip off scripts in England. Can I move to Wales?


Hi Shazbat

Welcome to the forums

It might be best for you to see your doc to discuss your needs re inhalers.

The chances are, you were given the preventer to see how you got on & the spacer was prescribed to be used with preventer.

You should continue to use the spacer if your doc gives you another preventer cos it gets more med into your lungs & helps prevent the risk of probs in mouth (depending on whats in preventer)

Hope you feel ok now & you should keep the blue with you in case you become breathless or start coughing a lot.



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