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Asma-1 upgrade from Mini Wright - higher readings

Anyone else experienced higher peak flow readings with the Asma-1? My best on a mini wright was around 650 and as soon as I got my Asma-1 today I blew a 710! Seems a bit high for someone age 28, 6ft with asthma. Generally getting readings around 650 which correspond to 600 on the mini wright. Doesn't matter which meter I blow first with, the asma-1 always seems higher.

I'm guessing the electronic meters are closer to the professional spirometers so should be more accurate. It certainly seems like there is less resistance to blowing which may make a difference. I've also tried swapping mouthpieces as the inlet on the asma-1 is wider but it makes no change

Any comments would be appreciated

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I have an asma-1 and when I changed I found the readings were higher, yes I think they tend to be more accurate, although I find personally more erratic. I have a PB with my asma-1 of 758, and i'm 5'11 and 37.



You were wondering about the higher readings, well just now took my 3 blows as normal with the asma-1 best was 593, lower than I'd expect. Then tried the manual meter, 1st puff I hit the end, so over 900, then the next 2 puffs could I get it past 560, not a chance, not the first time I've done that, so is one more accurate than the idea but hitting the end of the manual meter is something I've done on the 1st puff only before.


stop bragging about your pf readings. i get all excited when i get over 300......

with the wright sometimes the arrow gets stuck, so when u blow into it the reading can be higher as when it gets released there is extra tension on top of expired breath making it shoot further up the meter...

so before you all wet your pants wie excitement just make sure the arrow moves freely and is reset to zero before u use it......


I had always been told that the PF meters you use in the home are basically a personally gauge to tell you how well you are doing day to day.

Different meters could give you different readings but you simply have to work out what the peaks and troughs and averages of each individual meter is for yourself.


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