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emotional wreck

I have no idea who else to turn to, or what else to do!!

Im constantly tearful and have no idea how to stop it or who to talk to.

Not sure how many of you know but i got admitted to costa again last tuesday, and although i am now over the rough stage so to speak, my consultant has now decided she wants to sort my medication out and that i have to stay here till next week minimum and o could be here for up to a month after that.

I know it has to be done as I cant keep bouncing in an out of costa, but im not allowed off the ward as the nurses and docs are worried im going to crash and there not going to know where i am, im suffering lots with being on the reduced steroids already and the docs keep saying have as many nebs as you need...yeah great but with the other meds im not sleeping at all, i cant get sleeping meds as there worried it could affect my breathing so im stuck in a bit of a rutt.

And to top it off im waking up more often in the night strugfling to breathe so its constantly like im ringing the buzzer for the nurses.

The nurses never have time to sit with patients now a days so I cant actually talk to anyone to let them no how I feel, I dont want to talk to my mum as she is worrying enough about me as it is so am well ans truly stuck!!

Sorry for blabbing it all out on here but I am literally at the end of my sleepless brains mind and dont know what else to do or who to talk to and know most of you guys on here having been flipping amazing!!

You dont jeed to reply, i just needed to get it out my system!!

Night night all!!


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Charlie_warlie, I am so sorry you are having such q hard time, reading your post I can totally understand why you are feeling like you are.

It is really important that you let the nurses and cons know how you qre feeling they might not be able to spend a lot of extra time with you but q friendly head round the curtain an extra couple of times a day can make a difference.

Are you allowed off the ward when you have a visitor? They could get a wheelchair and take yiu to the cafe or outside quickly, I've been allowed to do this in the pqst.

Sending you a really big hug x


There are a few nurses that are friendly and that bit more...but none that actually really ask how you are generally.

And im allowed off the ward when my mum visits and thats if im lucky, im not allowed off with anyone else.

I thought i was going insane when this started happening!!!

Thanks for the reply



Hiya, sorry to hear how your feeling. If you just want someone to chat to ask to see the chaplaincy team, they are there to offer religious support, but also emotional support for all patients, religious or not. Alternatively, ask to be seen by a councillor, your going through a lot at the minute, and a councillor will help you understand the changes and process them in your head, this might be enough to help youo.

Feel free to pm me if you just want to chat xxx


Charlie_Warlile, I really feel for you. I go crazy when I can't get out of the house for a day or two so I can only imagine how difficult it is for you stuck on the ward for all this time and wish I had something sensible to offer by way of help.

Do try to talk to a nurse or one of the doctors because this stress can't be helping your asthma at all. You never know, there might be something that they can do to help.

You might find that talking to your Mum wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. Us Mums are tough but we want to be able to do something to help our children when they're in trouble and, although she can't do anything about your asthma or lack of sleep, she can help you to feel better about the situation and that in turn might help her.

Have a big hug and go and talk to someone - the old saying that a trouble shared is a trouble halved might not be absolutely true but having someone else know how bad you're feeling does make you feel less isolated.

Take good care of yourself and keep posting.



Big hugs - what a rubbish time you're having.

I'd second the suggestion to talk to someone - and the chaplain could be good, they generally don't try to force religion on anyone. Totally different situation I know but when my dad was in the hospice the chaplain was brilliant, around when you needed him, happy to discuss religion or not. My mum spent quite a bit of time talking to him about random stuff and really appreciated it.

Also, while it might not be possible with all visitors would the nurses be able to 'approve' other people to take you off the ward in a wheelchair, maybe with strict instructions to bring you back asap if xyz happens? Guess they might still be reluctant but could be worth asking - maybe not everybody but say, your mum, your sister, anyone else who knows you well and has dealt with your asthma so knows what to do and not to panic, assuming you're well enough when they visit?

Otherwise counsellor (not the ones you saw before maybe, know you had issues with them) or us! You know I'm around on here or FB if you need to chat. xxx


Hiya char

I sympathise. The pred is doing my head in and I am also very low.

Chatting doesn't always help me, but I understand the feeling of being alone. You can always come on here and chat there is mostly somebody about. Being in Costa is bad enough and it is no good me saying that it is the best place because I feel after a few days I become institutionalised. Patients come and go and you are stuck there.

Perhaps the Chaplin would be good at least they have the time even it is for a whinge.

At least you have the Internet and try and encourage friends to visit. Visitors do make you tired but at least it is a distraction.

Take care and keep smiling :)

Lisa xx


Here's the place to let it all out and its no good trying to bottle up your feelings. You've had a rough time and it is to be expected that you would feel like that. You could try asking your consultant if there is a counselling service at the hospital just so you have someone to talk to, otherwise see if there are volunteer visitors who could sit and chat. I am sending you my virtual husband who is constantly telling the most ridiculous jokes so I can't feel down for too long. Trouble is the supply of jokes is so constant and I can never remember any. Best wishes.


i'll join your emotional wrect club and send you a big hug ((((( x x )))))

I'm not in hospital at the mo but trapped within my four walls at home and hate the way asthma has robbed me of my life lately. I think its such a lonely illness and then if not breathing isn't bad enough the steroids make you feel down.

I wish I had a magic wand to for those who are really going through a tough time make everyones asthma that little more manageable.

I've just come back from my GP as my hospital consultant wanted me to go on happy pills and I wasn't sure but to be honest today I've just decided that even if it helps an iddy biddy bit then I'll give it a go.

Hope you get home soon hun x x x


Hey all...

Just wanted to say thank you all very much for the messages...very much appreciated.

Just thought i would up date you, told consultant im get bored, frustrated and not coping, she said it is unfortunatly to be expected as they are doing a controlled steroid reduction and it is sjowing that my adrenal glands arnt coping with the stress of whats going on, also with the fact i have been so poorly for so long its bound to get to me.

Unfortunatly i have to be here untill tuesday atleast but im in the best place at the moment i guess...

On the up side, just thought i would share with you all that i have finally been refered to birmingham and the only medication reduction that is happening is the steroids so i dont have to panic to much yet...i also have to keep and overnight diary about when i wake up etc so they can try and sort my night time symptoms out.

And i had a loverly visiotr today who braught me so yummy sugary goodness...thanks TJ, cheered me up (fell asleep after tou left though i was knackered from all that talking lol)



Really glad you managed to talk to yout consultant, sometimes just saying things out loud helps.

Great news about Birmingham!!

Take care



So sorry you are having such a rubbish time.Us mums are stronger than you think. It is our job to worry so share your worries and frustrations with your mum and let her help. We can usually tell when our babies, even grown up babies, are not right, and would love to lessen the burden.

Remember, when we are at our weakest, we are also at our strongest. Go work that one out!!

Great news about Birmingham!



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