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actually scared!!!

I have finally been given the all clear return to work after ive been off for a long time...


Im so scared about returning as i dont know what to do if my asthma plays up, or like now i have a rubbish nights sleep and im to knackered or becuase ive not been there for a while what if i do something wrong?? Etc

Am i being 100% daft and just be thankful i still have the job??

Has anyone else been in this situation?? What did you do??hl

has anyone got any grand ideas to make me feel remotly better??

Sorry for random post but its driving me insane!!


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It is only natural to feel apprehensive at going back to work after a quite a while off sick

I have been in a similar situation several years' ago and the company I worked for insisted that I did a phased back to work so, they only had me working until lunchtime then I went home, it was very helpful.

Good luck with going back to work, I am sure you will be fine and that your colleagues will be very pleased to see you back


Hi Charlie. Completely undrestandable how you feel. Its the what if's. A phased return should be an option. it has various options on sick notes these days but you'll have to speak with your boss but they should work with you. To prevent you going off sick again. Do you work for nhs or in private sector? Catherine


I don't have any advice - I want to say good luck though, I hope it goes ok.



Today was my first day back after being off a while. I am on phased return only working until lunchtime. Must say I am pretty tired today. I am also under the care of Occupational Health. There are lots of options and as mentioned previously the fitness to work Cerys are very helpful.

Good luck and just go slowly.

Lisa xx


Hey all thank you all so much for the replies...i work for the nhs and occy health have been amazing and i am going back on a stage return. Im just so worried that the lungs wont like being in contact with acticlor and the respiratory infections again. But i guess time will tell.

Im excited about being given the oppotunity to go back but on the ither hand worried what it might do to me :-(



Ah good luck charlie_warlie,

Glad to hear occy health helpful, maybe see what they say about lack sleep, backup if you need it or work supernumerary at first with someone so you're seen as extra?

I haven't needed it myself but know others who have returned on short hours/weeks, paperwork only or light clinical duties etc

Actichlor has been replaced with a less harsh (H&S respiratory safer) chemical here at least, worth asking if it can be used instead if it is not already in place? Let me know if you need the name.


Thanks TJ...i didnt even think about going in as an extra...might ask about that as im sure there has been a lot of chance since i was last in.

Could you get the name of the cleaning product for me please as i can ring the ward and check...they have been bery accomadatinf with the chnage in soao for me etc



No worries,

Think it's Tristel, will let you know if not. It is still chlorine based but apparently better


Hope it goes well back at work. We use Tristel now aswel, much better than that awful actichlor!


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