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I need to let it out my system but i dont want my mum to get upset as shes been my rock...

I got laid off from my job today. .. So basically i have been sacked through ill employer said that if i had a return to work date from my consultant then things would potentially be different but even work tried contacting my consultant and she refused to help...blinking great hey damn consultant!!

Dont think it has properly hit me yet as made sure i have kept myself busy since my meeting, but i am now lost.

Iff to citizens advice and job centre for me tomorrow then!!

Any help that people can give would be very kind!!! Thank you muchly to all my amazing friends out there!!!

Sorry to rant a little...dont know what else to do!!


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Aww no Charlie xxx would def phone your union or 0H and CAB. sending you lots of love and hugs xxxxx


so sorry to hear the news Charlie, what about signing on for jobseeker's allowance?

I know it probably won't be much but it may be a little help?

Hugs xxx


No point doing union as they exhausted all options and ive been off a year now nearly and cant get job seekers as would have to start looking for a new job which i cant do as my health wont let me, otherwise i could potentially still be employed. Might start some voluntary stuff though. X


Aww xxx lots of love xxx


That's absolutely rotten. Was going to suggest Job Seekers Allowance but if you can't work through ill health there's no point. What about Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on what other benefits you are entitled to? Good luck, let us know how you get on. xx


Charlie_warlie I really feel for you, you have every right to feel confused, angry and sad right now.

I truly hope that you get sorted with some financial help but I know that's not the only answer.

Voluntary work is a great idea, you will be able to do as much or as little as you can at any given time and you will be making a difference and helping others, thats something to be proud of.

I am thinking of you and sending a HUGE hug.



Oh Charlie Warlie truly sorry for your job loss, but your employer was in a difficult position too! I don't know how long you were off work but perhaps some time out until you are better would be better for you anyway. I think ESA would be the way forward for you benefits wise, don't know much about it because I have yet to convert from incapacity benefit. Your consultant, well what do I say? Maybe he/she simply doesn't know the answer of when you can go back to work and I suggest that you try and discuss your long term future with he/she. I would get your GP involved too because once you apply for ESA you would need everyone on board to support you.

Try not panic about the money side, it is easy say I know, but I have been there and things do have a way of working themselves out though it sometimes it seems like it will take forever. Please confide in your Mum, she will be gutted for you but she will be more gutted if you don't talk to her.

The sense of loss is immense and when I had to give up work I suppose I grieved for it, it took me years to get over it, but know I have discovered other things that fill my life with a sense of positive vibes. I say to people don't feel sorry for me because if I had never have had Brittle Asthma I would never have done the many things that I now do and love so much!

Good luck for the future, stand proud you are still you what ever the world throws at you. NOW GO AND RING YOUR MUM TELL HER, AND LET HER BE A ROCK AGAIN!


Hiya Charlie

Snap! I also have finished my job this week, although still sick and working my notice. After a meeting with the OH physician she and I decided it was time to go.

I used to be on DLA a few years ago but improved, but perhaps this could be the way to go for you. Good look with the CAB.

Take your time and you never know what the future may bring.

Lisa xx


awww no! Your cons is really rubbish sometimes, she could at least have discussed it with them instead of just refusing to do anything.

Really hoping you get something sorted re benefits - and that soon you can be back looking for a job without having to be off sick so much! xx


So sorry to hear your news and I wish I had some constructive advice or suggestions. Sending you many hugs, positive thoughts and hope that things start to look up very soon.


Sorry to hear that, it will be the sense of loss & disapointment after all you have gone through to maintain a job.You should also feel some relief when you get used to the idea your not waiting for them to end your contract for the axe to fall and them do it. In the long term your health comes first & im sure your mum will agree. Children ( no matter how old you are) are so precious more so than a job and if work didn't vaue you enough to work with you & help in your time of need then there not deserving of you.

Some one else will benefit from you doing voluntary work and you can take pride in knowing that having asthma has helped some one less fortunate. Have a few lie in's, pamper yourself put yourself first for a bit. Give the consultant a bit of slack they are under pressure & can not really make promises of when you will be back at work and risk your health.

The consequences of them getting it wrong are far more reaching for your mum family & friends.

Be that yellow crayon the bright light of hope and sunshine make people smile for you have a lot to give to the world, you make it a better place.


Hey all!!

Just wanted to say I am (semi) back on planet earth again, and all your lovely comments really are appreciated!

I have spoke to mum, and she is getting me to write everything down so we can work out what we can do, and which one should take priority etc!!!

so once again, the lushness of the people on this forum has helped me through another sticky situation!!

thank you muchly!!!



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