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The Dreaded Tears Return!!

Argh The Frustration From This Weeks Events At the Hospital Have Been Horrible!!

I Started Getting Blurred Vision Last Year After Being On Pred For 4 Months So Got Refered To a Specialist, And I Got My Results Today...

...I Have Cataracts From The Long Term Use Of Steroids, The Cant Do Anything Just Yet As It Isnt Bad Enough, But The Warned Me That If Thisngs Get To Bad, I Could End Up Blind!

Im So Upset, If Only They Could Sort My Asthma Out, It Would Stop All These Other Things From Happening!!

Has This Happened To Anyone Else!? How Did You Cope If So!?


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Got blury vision on steroids also but eye test last year was ok.Glad when of the buggers.Hope your eyes dont get to bad and maybe need them sorting years down the line xxx



I had steroid related cataracts about 6 years ago on both eyes. I had them both removed and am fine now, it is simple and straightforward they do them under a local so no worries about a G A.

Don't worry, I am sure they will keep a careful watch on them and when it's right they will sort them out for you.

Xx lisa


I got diabetes, osteopenia , puffy ankles , water retention , stretch marks , bruising , weight gain,dizzy spells , thinning of the skin and cataracts ...... Am I still breathing yes and its all thanks to The Pred ...... Gotta take the bad with the good !!!! When things get u down give ur self a shake and think of people worse than u !!!!!!


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