intense pain

This is a little weird, and Im not sure if it asthma related at all, but heres a shot!

Ive been getting this weird pain / achey feeling in the back of my lungs sometimes between my shoulder blades, other times in the base of my lungs, and when I get this I find I am very short of breath and chesty!

Just wondered if any one else has this, and if there is anything other than nebs that can take it away, as this is all I find that works, but obviously dont want to be living of the good old sally!

Cheers Ears!!!


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  • Haven't posted for a while sorry folks! I get a pain like this too, mainly feels like the bottom area of my lung on the left hand side. I had thought it had gone up until recently. My consultant upped my steroid dose on the inhalers which worked really well for a couple of months. Now its gone cold its back again......tried alsorts of pain killers too but they didn't and still don't touch it. Not much help though.

  • thanks for the reply, did you ever find out whact was causing it!?


  • Snap, me too. Started with a cold the week before with full sniffly nose etc which I rarely get. Had the same pain when away for a wkend in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. My peak flow down 300 max, exercise tolerance down as even walking stairs/slight slopes a struggle, audible nasty cough puffiness to others, temp. up & down esp at night & coughing up icky mucus.

    Rang up the local practice & said I'm visiting? Saw a lovely GP (who was male, rather young, nice looking & wearing skinny faded jeans ;)? ) who said asthma flare-up & pulled muscles & said just missed getting prednisolone but have antibiotics to start for chest infection if not better in a few days.

    Found the pain did settle down but still feel it coming back sometimes :( lungs no likely winter weather

  • thanks for the reply TJ, I will definatly keep an eye on it if you go anti! and great discription of GP, may have to go visit ;)


  • GP thought it was too much coughing! Consultant said it was probably imflamation which probably makes sense as when the steroid inhaler was upped it completely went in a matter of days. But when the pain is there good grief it dont half hurt!

  • I had something similar by the sounds of it, but at the front at the bottom of my lungs on the left. Luckily it just went away on its own so I never found out what was causing it.

  • My asthma manifests itself in a cough so my chest is always painful. I know exactly where you are coming from.

  • oh my goodness!!!!!

    wow!!! I was lead to believe that it was mucsle strain too but after being addmited and being on nebs it went, thank goodness I was begining to believe I was starting to think it was in my imagination!!! xx

  • I have had pain last year that was at the base of my right lung and shortness of breath (more than normal), was told by consultant I had a raised right hemi-diaphram. Not sure what caused it... I also get more general pain from coughing regularly.

  • malawi2 I had that in August time, not sure how it was caused either, but I know it hurt! it had gone though a week later!!

    it was a different pain then though to what I have now!!

    SOrry to hear that all other have some form of weird pain going on, obviously very common! :(

  • I am currently experiencing intense pain around my right ribs, after a hospital appointment that I had last Friday have since found out that I have a bad chest infection and I have fracutured some ribs.

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