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Aw No, Not Again, Not This Soon!!!!!


I am about to rant again as I have literally had enough!!!

My lungs are playing up AGAIN!!!!

I have mass pain in my lungs, I cant take a deep, my best friend is MR Peak Flow and Mrs Sally and things just arnt right AGAIN!!!!

When will the stupid air sacs just realise they dont always have to have the attention in the world, they are allowed a day off!!!

GGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sorry guys, Ive just literally had enough and needed to vent my anger somewhere!!!

(ps, this isnt an emergency, dont panic!! im still talking - lots!!!) :)

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I realise you wanted to escape costa because of your birthday and the way they were treating you... but I suspect you probably escaped a little too soon and your lungs are still throwing an ongoing strop.... :(


Aww Charlie Warlie, I'm sorry that your lungs are causing you problems again. It can be very frustrating at times can't it and I don't blame you wanting to vent your anger.

I totally understand how you must be feeling


Rant away i have felt the exact same with my asthma.

hope you're on the mend soon.

feel free to pm me if you want to rant more.

OOps nearly forgot to say a belated happy 21st birthday xx


I don't blame you wanting to have a rant especially after the rough time you have been having.

I do hope things improve for you soon


I can totally relate its such a pain in the rear am so sorry your having such a tough time rant away its good to express rather than keeping it in and getting more and more frustrated take care hun xxxx


Don't I know that feeling it seem every 6 weeks since I had the flu jab I've had asthma/ chest Infection every time I cough now my son automatically runs to me with my peak flow meter! We need a nice cold dry winter :)


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