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100% random! (maybe a little not nice!)

ok, so over the past 3 mornings after me having properly rubbish nights, when i have woken up (at the official time) i have noticed I have been having coughing up ridiculous amounts of mucus...way more than usual since being started on carbo-what-ya-ma-call-it (mucodyne) ...

does anyone know what this could be the result of, or the beginning off...i was praying in away that it could just be the fact i have gone splat overnight and thats the result the next day especially after laying down a little and gravity working its harderst to push the rubbish out of my chest. (not sure what others are like, but i know when i have previously gone splat, i get loads of mucus anyway, but ive never experienced this amount etc)

was going to mention to cons in a week, but if anyone has any grand ideas they would love to share with me, i would really appreciate it!

cheers ears!!


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firslty there is always more mucas in the morning as it builds up overnight and always produce more after a splat anyway and secondly carbostiene is desined to make mucas more runny and easier to cough up... its better out than in!


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