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DLA - disability living allowence

Hi all just wondering who gets DLA ive been getting this now for 2 years middle rate carrers allowence and higher rate mobility which i got a mobility car with..

recently ive had my first renewal forms just wondering if any one knows how long these take to come back?

is anyone else getting DLA or having trouble with it x

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I am in the process of trying to get it and yesterday they rang me to say i need to attend a medical for it.


Hi Roxy I get higher rate mobility but not the care component. I have it indeffinatly after my last renewal so no more re-applying. When I did apply they were resonably quick 4 weeks if I remember rightly and all forms were sent 4 months prior to the renewaL date. Not sure what needs you need for care but I am currently in the process of appealing their decision on this. Goodluck with your dla grant.



Hi Roxi ... I get the higher rate mobility and care component of the DLA ... I had to renew / re apply earlier this year and was advised that if I did not hear from them in four weeks to give them a call... I received a letter well with in this time frame informing me that my claim was being processed and that they were awaiting information from my GPs, four days later I received a letter confirming the continuation of my benefits at the higher rate once again... (regretfully my conditions - Brittle asthma and then some!!! - continue to deteriorate so it looks like ... am stuck at home for a little while yet!)

Good luck with yours and keep well

Hugs from the Orkney Isles



I was just wandering as I applied and succesfully got my blue badge, when speaking with the OT who assessed me she suggested that I apply for DLA, she is not sure what level I would recieve but I was wandeing what the criteria etc is for DLA??


Katie x



If you have a blue badge and a OT as suggested you apply for DLA, then do so. Look up a Charity called DIAL UK online, they help people apply for DLA etc because they understand how the forms should be filled in. Many moons ago their local branch helped me, and they filled out the forms according to how I am on my worse day, and that apparantly is their recommendation. Don't be daunted by the length of the forms, some questions will be asked several times but in different ways through out form.

Good luck




ive just received a letter from the DWP saying i do not qualify for DLA, i can only walk 40metres now without my sats dropping like a stone to the low 80's as ive just had an assessment done in hospital before i was discharged today. i have a care coordinator and a community asthma nurse who visits me at home. surely this should qualify me for the mobility component - how bad do i have to be before i qualify for some money???? - im currently living off nothing so im getting kind of desparate now.

As for the care component i have a care plan and a care coordinator etc i was assured that with all my various health problems i would qualify but they rejected this too, is it just the way i have filled the form in? was expecting them to ask me to turn up for a medical or something at least if they'd seen me they would have seen just how i was rather than reaching a decision without looking into things properly. Im quite cheesed off to be honest as claiming anything has been like pulling teeth and its not like im making a fraudulant claim, its genuine and i have been accepted for incapacity benefit... im not sure where to go next really as i cant get out of the house to do shopping and stuff because of my chest being so bad but the DLA people seem to think this is ok. Anyone else had this sort of trauma trying to claim and if so if i appeal what additional info should i give them???

Thank you kitkat xx


Hey kat

You need to appeal there decision, my consultant appealed on my behalf. After previously getting middle rate care since the age of 6 I applied again as I felt my health had deteriorated I wasnt working etc. They said I wasnt entitled to DLA at all so stopped all my money. I appealed with the help of my con and I now receive higher rate mobility. Could you ask you con to write a letter saying how bad your asthma affects your life, mobility etc. It was also nice to have 9 months backdated money :)!! Its up for review in sept nxt year which im a tad scared about!

hope this helps




Fight them, I know you probably don't feel like it but this is what these people hope for. I know of people who get DLA because of addiction problems, I am not saying that they shouldn't have it, its not my place to do so. But you DO have a serious condition that is not of your making and you shouldn't have to fight for it. On a previous reply to this sugject I mentioned DIAL UK look them up on line, they are good group that help people like you with appeals etc. Get your medical care providers involved too.

Wish you all the very best of luck



Do appeal any decision that you aren't happy with. They often turn people down and then grant the money on appeal - I have no idea if its a policy but it does seem to be a fact. Having said that it is not always clear why people get awarded DLA. If you phone them they do tell you to fill the form in as if it is your worst day, which is a very depressing thing to do, but it is always worth persevering - and appealing if all else fails! My nephew has Downs Syndrome and on occasion even he has had to appeal!!


Hi all

ditto smudge - reapply and keep going it took me 3 attemps although i didn't appeal i just reappled and got accepted on 3 time..

My mistake like others was i wasnt filling it out on my worst day .. so re-did it and obviously got it right!!

but now waiting for my annual review decission and very nervous


Watch out with the forms they have changed them! i filled my first one in, in july and it was rejected and i filled my second one in a few weeks back and it is different to the one i filled in and photocopied to keep for reference in july. I have now been asked to attend a medical so we shall see where that goes, considering my dad has had take afternoon off work to take me in my wheelchair coz i still not up to walking as i get really breathless and go dizzy with just walking from room to room in the house i am hoping will help, my resp con has also sent in a report so we shall just have to see.

any way watch out! the form has changed and i actually found it easier so that may be a plus point or that may be i have filled one in so know what i am looking at the second time around!



Current expert, not me, says 12 weeks to process! I volunteer at a disabled charity which can give help in filling in these forms. You may have one in your area. Especially if you need to appeal!



I have just been awarded highest mobility and lowest care of DLA.

This was my third application! The first two having been told I don't qualify.

This time I filled out the actual paper form (the previous 2 were online) not sure it makes any difference but it worked!

My consultant is fab but knows nothing about how brittle asthma affects my everyday life, he only sees me for 2 minutes in clinic, on ITU or on the ward afterwards when I'm not well.

Because he didn't return his bit of the form quick enough they wrote to say a doctor would come out and see me at home to assess me. He came on an average day, took a very indepth history, asked me what my needs were and did a quick examination, a week later I got a letter telling me their decision and that the award is indefinate.

Keep applying don't stop and eventually you'll win. Most people do not realise what a disability asthma can be and the amount of help some people need. I think people think asthmatics just need their ""puffer"" when they run for the bus!!!!!

Good luck to everyone whos in the process

Truly x



I was turned down twice and then took it to tribunal back in 1997 and represented myself. I had only aplied for the mobility component, but they awarded me high rate mobility and middle rate care within 30 minutes. It was initially for 7 years (Back dated 2 years) but I got it reassesed back in 2000 as motability needed 3 plus years. I was then awarded it indefinately.

Please go for it and get any help you can with the forms. It hasn't solved the asthma but it makes life so much more easier!



god im so happy finally recieved my renewal forms back today ...

awarded higher mobility and middle care indefinatly this time ,,was so nervous didnt want to open letter ..

good look to everyone else and keep applying to be put off !!!


what is the minimum to claimed DLA


is anyone else findin this process is like pulling teeth? Sooo hard to get them to c u need help. Much easier in my opinion to get direct payments from local council. Ive spent several hrs on fone each day chasing this claim. Feel like its now taken ova my life. Lv kat Xx


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