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pump bags

Hi guys

just wonderd if anyone knows of a website that sell bags for grasby syringe driver its the MS 26 .

I know i could make one but ive been using just a shoulder back to put in it over the years and when in the house i put it in my pocket but its starting to get on my nerves now and ive looked and cant find a site happy to pay for a proper one but cant find one ..

please help thanx roxy xx

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Roxy I buy mine from local shops etc there is a brand of bag that is idea for pumps and its called Roxy like this watch out for the AUK URL gap they will fit a pump in and look good too. I have laods of pump bags I sort of figure if I have to wear this then I might as well make it look good. I wear mine across the soulder like you would a satchel.


ps where did I put my credit card


Thanx bex will look at that but was kinda looking at something light like cottten material ect ....i know it would be easier making but really dont want hassle with that !!!! just something small thin light and goes over the shouler with a light thin strap ! i dont want much i know lol.

thanx roxy x


Roxy, Mum made me a load of ones like the ""roxy"" ones but out of cotton. I have them somewhere at the back of the drawer I can look them out if you want. I must have 40 pdd bags.



oooo bex u got me all excited now!!! if u dont use them and want rid im happy to buy them off u !!!

If u can are u able to take some pics and send thenm to me via an email so i can have a look ...

I will send u my email add as a message so let me know if thats what u want to do ..

many thanx roxy x



Back in 1994, I started off with a passport pouch (in the days when UK passports were bigger and black in colour) which fitted perfect with the plastic case on, though I quickly dispensed with the plastic case.

I then started to make all sorts of pouches, basic shape with flap at top with velcro or poppers plus a belt loop at the back for either leather belt on clothes eg jeans or for an elasticated belt with a snap clip.

I have around 10 in varying patterns of material, whacky animals & William Morris etc.

You can buy money belts which fit perfectly from outdoor or travel shops (Check before you buy though!) The only problem with these are they hold the pump horizontally which can be a bit uncomfortable ( for me!)

My latest is a small flat money belt bum bag but I snipped off the straps / belt and sewed a belt loop on so it hangs vertically.

I prefer mine strapped to my middle as I am liable to put a shoulder bag down and wonder off...............

I will look at that site Bex.

Missing my pump at the mo...... just weaned off it! ............. eeeeerrrrrrrghghg!



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