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Deep Tissue Massage

Hi Everyone

I've recently started experiencing muscle pain throughout my back. I already get a sore upper back when my lungs are playing silly beggers, but this is through my entire back and is really starting to annoy me and is impacting on my sleep because I can't get comfy without my back hurting.

A few friends have suggested deep tissue massage for this kind of problem and I was just wondering has anyone else tried this? Did it help and did you need more than one session etc?



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After spending the best part of 5 months coughing continuously I was a total wreck and there wasn't one bit of me that didn't hurt all the time. I was reluctantly taking painkillers to make life bearable until someone suggested that i should get a sports massage to un-knot all my muscles. Like you, I was a bit unsure about it but at the time I'd have tried ANYTHING to try to ease the pain so I booked an hour at my local club with the most wonderful lady who spent almost two hours finding every knot in every muscle I have. It was really painful at times but I felt GREAT afterwards. This is now a definite regular for me, every 6-8 weeks.

I'd certainly give it a go if I were you. When you've had one treatment you can decide how many you need, and how often.



i would reccomend a sports therapist massage to anyone for any part of the body, every 2 weeks i have them, and they're a god send!

who i go see also specialises in helpful pointers in respiritory conditions, some do this, not sure what it involves, but they really help :)

would really recommend it


Your back pain maybe contributed to you joints as if they are causing you issues you may compensate on a certain side and this can cause you to damage your back so it would be worth seeing a physio and discussing with them about the best options. Massage may help but not treat the causing problem if that makes sense.



Thanks Olive. At the minute I just need a way to ease the pain until Next Monday because I'm going to Newcastle on Friday for the weekend. But I've got physio next week anyway so I will talk to them.

I'm going on Tuesday for an hour so hopefully it will help :)

Thanks everyone


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