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reversibilty tests


I am going for a reversibility test next week and have been told no inhalers that day. Problem is-I am staying with a heavy chain smoker and I don't feel comfortable asking her to smoke outside as she always lets me stay in her house when I need to. So If I take my inhalers My readings won't be right but if I don't I risk having a spalt!

What do I do???!!!

Thanks in advance!!


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hi vicky,

personally i'd question whether, as an asthmatic, you should be staying with someone who smokes. Okay, so it's good to see friends, but do you really think it's wise to stay with her? how about staying with someone else or in a b&b but meeting up with your friend through the day or in an evening? also, I'd have thought that staying with a smoker prior to reversability tests would skew the results anyway coz your lungs will be twitchy from the smoke. think about it, but i think your best course of action to stay somewhere else, don't you?



Hi try ringing the hospital where you are going to have your tests and explain the situation and they might give you a different appointment



I can't stay anywhere else because I am very rarely in Belfast Until dad comes home and I can't make another appt Because I have to get a filling that day anyways and can't take anymore time off school. I might stay in Carrick But I will have a problem coming in and out. Thanks!


hi again vicky,

don't take this the wrong way, but i don't understand your reasoning for why you can't stay somewhere else, like a b&b, and then, as i suggested, maybe meeting up with your friend in the evening. i'm just trying to help you work out what's best for you and your health ... and help the docs get a true picture of how things with your lungs, rather than results possibly being influenced by a detrimental environment prior to tests.

take care,



Hi Vicky,

I too am concerned about you staying in a house with a chain smoker - even if you don't stay there the night before, so that you can manage without your inhalers, the cummulative effect of staying there for a few nights beforehand may well mean that the results of the test won't be meaningful.

If you really cannot avoid staying there, even though it is putting your health at risk, then you might as well rearrange the test - there is little point in putting yourself through the stress of having the test done, and taking up a slot in the department, when the results are not going to be meaningful or useful.

Hope you manage to find a solution

Em H


I think I will stay in a b+b until the test is over because I don't want the readings being wrong.It will cost a fortune but these are the things we asthma people must live with! Thanks everyone for your help and will shout at lungs and tell them to behave between now and then!




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