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Discontinuing Bricanyl nebs?

My consultant put me on Bricanyl nebs when I was in hospital in an effort to combat the ridiculous heart rate, but when I went to get them from the chemist yesterday they told me that Astra have stopped producing a lot of the bricanyl products and the only things that can now be prescribed is the ampoules and turbos?

I'm now back on ventolin, but what about people who are allergic to ventolin?

Anyone able to shed any light?


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According to the oracle that is google... Astrazeneca have only withdrawn them from the Irish market. Whether there is potential to source them through the hospital pharmacy is something that might be worth looking in to if your consultant is keen for you to stay on them. If not I have dropped from nebbing 5mg ventolin, to nebbing 2.5mg nebules and just using them more frequently and back to back if needed to try and minimise the tachycardia. I dont know if this would work for you?

Glad to see you have escape.




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