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European Health Insurance Card

Hi Everyone,

I'm due to go to Tenerife over New Years to see my dad, but am really struggling to find travel insurance to cover me and can't afford to shell out more than the actual holiday on insurance. I know as a member of the EU that Tenerife is obligated to treat me under the EHIC, but what exactly would they cover and how much would it be?

I need to get this sorted really soon because we're into October tomorrow and I don't want to be leaving it until the last minute!

Ta everyone :)


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I just had my EHIC when I went to Spain and I had treatment under it.

I think it's different depending on country but I got all my treatment free except prescriptions and (I think!) the ambulance. Neither were very expensive, in fact a course of 10day pred was only 60cent! However I definitely couldn't have private treatment which meant I couldn't be transferred to the English speaking hospital but had to have a translator which wasn't a huge deal.

I'd ring the EHIC people because I don't know what it's like in Turkey and you don't want to end up poorly with a few grands worth of medical bills to worry about!


i think it just covers for basic treatment, ie at a local clinic or at a general hosp but not for specialised care, say if you needed english speaking staff, ITU or an operation etc.. so would personally not risk going abroad without private insurance



Hi vicky

I went to tenerife on holiday last year much needed break lovely place I hope it all works out for you !! I couldn't afford the holiday this year. Travel insurance is a nightmare when I first look at it our holiday company wouldn't let us fly to Tenerife with no travel insurance. I found th easiest way was o actually phone the companies Internet quotes where silly! I went with virgin travel I had to answer a medical questionnaire in which they gave me a quote for the necessary insurance it wasnt to expensive as I'm not severe but have ups and down patches I think mine cost around fortyish pounds in comparison to my friends who I went with got there's for under £5 each again with virgin travel

I would say the best way to do it would be to phone and get quotes a compare them I did mine less than a week before as was a las min holiday . They snt me email confirmation with details policy number and requirements what it covers for me to print and take and advised I kept this and my ehic card on me at all times !

This info may all be of little use but thought it might help the process don't no what it covers on the ehic is there a ehic helpline you could call??

Hope it did help x


My understanding is that you will receive medical care to the standard that a citizen of that country would - but this would mean you'd have no coverage if, say, you needed to be transported. A friend of mine who has a house in France fell off a wall whilst out there and broke her back and because she didn't have medical insurance to cover transportation back to the UK, she had to stay in hospital/rehab in France for about 4 months. She received excellent care- just as a local person would - but she was stuck overseas with few friends and family there. Personally, I wouldn't like to risk being stranded overseas while ill and so while it might cost you a lot, I'd definitely get insurance.


It's used along side medical insurance to provide basic healthcare like others have said. U will still b required to pay for medication and some treatment receive. U can apply online and takes 10 working days to receive. When online it will list the benefits for each country as they are all different...... I would suggest u still try and get prOper insurance. Have u tried mrl insurance online ... I got it with them half the price others where quoting !!!!!


I managed to get cover with Direct Line last year and it wasn't extortionate. About £80 I think.


Snowy it definitley does cover specialist care!

I was on itu (including a NIV) for 2 days whilst in Spain, then on a specialist resp ward with resp doctors and I didn't pay a penny for that. Your definitley not covered for a med-evac though.


There is a guide somewhere with all the crountries and where is covers, who pays etc as some you need to claim back and some its public hospitals...


I have had asthma treatment in France and been able to claim it all back under EHIC. I did have to pay it all at the time though and then claim it back afterwards. It's worth finding out if you'd need to pay your treatment at the time, not that I'm suggesting you will need it :/ I also always take out further insurance cover even for trips to countries under the EHIC. Shop around as insurance companies vary. My insurance is always very expensive but I have other serious health conditions along side my asthma. They may ask about things like how many hospital admissions, how many times in ITU etc and what meds you are on. Usually they are very nice to deal with. Better to be covered than run into problems. Hope this helps


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