Recycling empty nebules

Has anyone figured out if we can recycle empty nebules in the plastics bins? Because upon clearing up both living room and bedroom about a million and one empty ones have turned up, and my friend and I sat arguing for ages about it to figure out if we could. I don't see why not, but has anyone actually found out if we can?

Ta muchly!


2 Replies

  • Don't know about nebules but LUSH shops will take inhaler caps with bottle lids for recycling.

  • Different councils vary!

    Mine take them.... they are similar plastics to what I recycle already so I just bung them in.

    Mine take non-volatile aerosols so pop the inhaler canisters in but not hard plastics so no inhaler casings.

    Check your recycling leaflets / website for your local council then phone them if you want a definitive answer.

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