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I am going to Cambodia in week and a bit. From What My dad has told Me the air there is really polluted and hard to breathe in ecspeccially(sp?) in the Capital Phomh Penh. Now knowing the way My lungs are behaving at the minute they probably going to throw a fit once I set Foot in the country. Does Anyone have any suggestions as to what I ca Do. I have a mask an stuff but obvously(sp?) I can't wear it all the time.

Any Sugestions?

sorry about My bad spellings. I am Rather Tired.


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Hi Vicky!

From Penguins to Elephants! Wow - sounds a fantastic trip. Have you tried any of the Foreign office web sites (UK) or on line guides such a the Rough Guide and the Lonely Planet. They will have a health section and may be able to advise of any air pollution problems.

What are you doing in Cambodia? Cultural or Wildlife??

Take care



lol-I am Teaching in a school for poor Kids for two weeks. It is a pity that I can't stay longer but I will Of already taken 2 weeks off school and ed welfare will throw a fit. Thanks Kate and will Keep Posted!!


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