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Had a fantastic Christmas

Managed to really enjoy Christmas this year for once. The chest infection I have seems to be doing really well with the anti-biotics and upped pred and nebs and thankfully have managed my week at home in Ireland with a friend for christmas without any major hiccups from me or her.

Off to Tenerife on Saturday, can't wait and I know that my lungs will behave for this :)


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Oh I am so pleased you have had a lovely Christmas.

Enjoy your holiday in Tenerife


Thats wonderful news indeed. very happy you had a lovely Christmas in Ireland. have a pleasant trip and enjoy your stay in Tenerife :)


So pleased to hear you've had a good one, enjoy your holiday xxxx


Pleased to hear you've had a good Christmas. We did too although my son now has a cold and is wheezy!! Enjoy your hol!!


Great news, so glad you had a good one. Hope Tenerife is just as good - imagine the weather must be good for lungs anyway!


Yey! Sounds good & enjoy Tenerife


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