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TV linked to asthma risk doubling


Young children who spend more than two hours a day watching TV double their risk of developing asthma, a UK study has found.

Rather than telly per se being to blame, experts believe the viewing is symptomatic of a sedentary lifestyle which may be the root cause.

Taking deep breaths, such as when exercising, may keep the lungs fit.

Any opinions?

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I use to watch more than 2 hours a day, but never developed asthma until i was 35, the research said buy age 11. Not sure how accurate any of these things are.

I'm more inclined to think it's not he TV, what about kids who read all the time, and that was encouraged a while back if I recall, but i think it's more down to genuine lack of exercise, diet, and environmental (pollution etc)


statistics ?

The other way of looking at this info is to say that kids with wheezes are not inclined to indulge in regular or strenuous excercise..

I mean if you know it will kick off an asthma attack, then even subconsciously you avoid a particular activity.

There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.


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