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very stupid Question

I have an incredably Stupid quetion. I have to Order cetirizine before I go away and Don't know How to Pernounce it.Being Severely Dyslexic doesn't help either so Pernounceing beg words is Mad hard!!

Any help????

*Hides in corner out of shame*

btw-If I make stupid spelling Mistakes don't be scared to Point them out-I get Marks Removed in exams for it!

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set - irr - izzz - eeen

Does that make sense? It does in my brain but my brain is strange.




Use its other name easier zirtex

Andrea xxx


haven't you got the back of your prescription that your last one came with to just hand bk in at your gps for the repeat. failing that write down on a piece of paper what you nedd and the dosage and hand it in at gp's and they should process it for you if its on repeat prescription which prob is. Thats what I do.


Elephant my lovely daughter has dyselexia so severe she has statement from the LEA and they pay for her to board at a specialist school. You only get marks taken off for spelling in English Language as I doubt you are intending to take it as a degree is not a big issue. She also gets scribe for some exams(science modules), extra time and a room to do her exams in on her own so she can read questions and answers out loud. She is currently doing her GSCE's and is intending to take Maths Physics,Socialolgy and A.N Other at A'level she is expected to get good grades and I certainly dont I expect her work to be well spelled.



thinking about that bex my brother had funding from local authority for laptop to use as he is dyslexic


Ta everyone-I live in The south and My English Teacher said That the Dept will only give me an exception if I have had a test By a psycologist which costs a fortune and I am Broke.

I Live in The south and Have to order My Prescriptions Over the phone.

Thanks everyone!!!!


I don't know where your teacher gets that idea from, cos, to be utterly plain speaking, it's a load of tosh!

The educational psychology service is free, and regularly assess children for dyslexia and make special arrangements for them.

Speak to another teacher, or, failing that, your school nurse.

I'm sure your GP surgery would do prescriptions by post as well, if you included an SAE with your request.


What about giving the dr's the box and just saying 'can i have some more of these please?' A couple of years ago I had to write it down cus for some reason it was taken off my list. I think I am dyslexic but need to be tested, I have just applied for university and they told me my local council WILL pay for me so I can't see why they won't for someone still in school. I would talk to a different teacher, maybe a head of year (if you have them)

btw, it was a stupid question and i can't say big words either. I'm 24 and still need my mum to break up some words for me so don't worry :o)



Why ya hiding?? I have a severely dyslexic friend, is like breaking the enigma code reading her letters but the effort she puts into them puts me to shame who as non dyslexic have atrocious spelling (thank goodness word spell check) I am sure everyone on this forum will be only too pleased to help you out with anything you stuck with!


Elephant am i right in saying you arent in the UK but in Southern Ireland.

if this is true then Guys please lay off a bit ,as the education system is quite different to ours in the Uk and in some ways alot tougher? Not as understanding from what i have learnt from my family in Dublin.

Are you doing your leaving Cert yet Elephant? Will you get any help with your Irish either ?

Hope you managed to get your script sorted out.


Yup.I live in a little town just south of the Border But My doc Is still in Ni so any time I am Going up I order and Then Collect.

The Education system Down Here is Hopeless. So Much For free Ed! I pay about 1000 a term! And I am Supposedly in a public school!By the Time you Take books,Uniforms,Exam Fees,Money For trips-It mounts up!

I have applied in the north to Be Tested By a psycologist but It will Be sept before They can See me! Because There are So many Entries!

I am doing the Junior in June but Since I don't have a cert From Psychologist They won't Give me a special Allowance.I got tested By a teacher in the north 5 years ago When I lived there so That Is how I know.

I still have to Do Irish Although I can do foundation because I Find It so Difficult.(Foundation is the Lowest level for anyone that doesn't get it!)

Hope Everyone doing exams Soon does Well!




My apologies Elephant, I didn't realise you were in the land of the leprechauns ;-)


haha-It's alright-I Have a friend that is a leprecaun! I am Forever Torchering her! yay!


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