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Housemates smoking


I've recently moved into a shared house with 5 other people and quite recently have started having quite a few problems with them smoking in the communal areas. I've spoken to my landlord and he's said he'd have a word, but they continue to do it. They all know I have asthma and that I've been in hospital lately with it, so they know I'm sensitive to cigerette smoke. My boyfriend has just been diagnosed with asthma aswell so it's becoming an issue for both of us. It's impossible to stay out of the kitchen or living room because obviously I have to eat.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)

Vicky xx

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hi elephant,

Think I would have to get them to sit and watch a dvd all about asthma and asthma attacks and smoking.

They might think asmatics just need a puffer and then ok as I did before I got it my self.

Then have a chat about it with them to see what compromise s can be done.

not sure what else you could do.Good luck and let us know what happens .

Love Glynis xxx


moe out an option?

If they smoke only in their own rooms then there will still be a stench of cigarettes in the communal areas...been there, done that, moved out!

It will be some improvement but not enough i would guess, depending on your sensitivty and tolerance and how well you know them already. Don't think they'll readily change, most people who smoke are oblivious to second and third hand smoke and how it affects others. Even if they care and smoke outside altogether it will still come in on their clothes/hair/lungs but it would then probably be tolerable for you. HArd to find housemates prepared to go that far ....


A toughy, like butekyo, I very much doubt the situation will change much, and even if they only smoke in their rooms, there is still going to be the smell wafting about. Difficult though it is, think in the long term you will be better off finding alternative accommodation. Is it possible for you and your boyfriend to look for a house share?


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