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Nightmares post admission

Hey all,

After having a few ICU admissions in the past year, I'm finding I'm having nightmares about Intensive Care. It's got nothing to do with what happened while I was there, but more my brain taking bits of other admissions and multiplying them by 10, if that makes any sense? For example I had a nightmare where I ended up having to be shocked because my heartrate was in the 200's and they couldn't fix it. It's making me more and more reluctant to go to ICU now. I'm on anti depressants and what not, but I've heard a lot of people have had this problem. How did you deal with it?


Vicky x

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Hi Vicky,

It is indeed a common problem for people who've had an ICU admission.

After my most traumatic admission, I had a follow up appointment a couple of months later with one of the ICU nurse specialists. By this point my nightmares and such had settled down, the nurse said they leave the follow up for a few months as most people are traumatised after an ICU admission, but this often settles down once home and had time to process what has happened. She did say that she referred people for counselling who were still struggling as a result of their admission.

Is there someone you could speak to about the possibility of counselling? Your GP? anyone from the hospital?

Feel free to pm me if you want to talk to anyone :)

Dawn x



Have been in your situation and know how you are felling. Have sent PM.

Take it easy try not to worry what you are feeling is normal


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