No prednisolone? Are you actually serious?!

Normal repeat today of prednisolone whilst waiting to see consultant. Whilst I would never expect any pharmacy to be able to fill the whole 270 tablet script and was waiting for an owing slip I was instead told by Boots that their supplier is not supplying them soluable pred anymore and I needed to go elsewhere as they only had 15 left and didn't know if they were going to get any more. Surely they aren't just not going to stock it anymore are they? Thought I was pretty safe choosing Boots!

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  • Don't get me started on Boots...

    Edit: littlest branch possible near daughter is excellent. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

  • Well so is mine, it is smaller than the corner shop and the staff are great and really helpful, cos my repeats are due week before my consultants appt which will probably result in full med change and said how do I not be so wasteful and they sorted that out but they said i is a supplier thing. But seriously, how can a pharmacy not stock soluable pred?!

  • In much the same way as huge branch of Boots tonight said they'd never heard of Zafirlukast and certainly didn't recognise either name when told them to look under Accolate too. On the plus side could order it. Trying independent chemist tomorrow.

  • whole town seems to be out of pottassium slo k - even giant supermarket chemist. I didn't think I had taken that much! I don't even try boots here anymore they never have accuhalers never the less bricanyl respules now they are one prescription I have to go hunting for. Even have to take my own respules to the hospital sometimes.

  • I can appreciate some of these things will be tricky to get hold of, no helpful but in someways understandable, as my Boots is so small I had to ask them to start stocking Fostair as a matte rof course which they now do but the fact that they are saying they will not be able to get hold of my pred seems totally stupid to me!

  • Yep, seems its not unusual to have problems with pred. A Morrisons pharmacy had only 28 tablets in stock out of 80 on my script, not much good esp. when coming up to wkend and it could take several days to get more in! Went elsewhere.

    Also, had problems getting Seretide Accuhalers. Always check before it's filled now. Keep getting antib's and pred added so haven't bothered with repeat service yet.

  • Are we going to end up going to different pharmacies for every different drug on our scripts? Crazy stuff! Had me a bit of a panic this afternoon as am very close to running out and nowhere near weaned

  • Boots only had one pack fexofenadine (antihistamine) today, grrrr. Need to get organised and setup repeat ordering so they can order in if needs be.

  • I've been having trouble getting my Ciclesonide (steroid inhaler) from Boots for the last 3 months. I told them when they eventually got mine in they should order another one as they know I need it every four weeks. I'm going to ask my GP if I can have a script for 2 next time so I can have a spare in in case they run out, as I prefer to have a month of everything in just in case.

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