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Getting prescriptions!Or not!

Hi everyone, sorry but I need to off load! All my meds are on a 'keep & repeat' at my pharmacy. Well this works some of the time but just lately it all seems to be going wrong! I waited 20 mins today in the longest queue ever for my meds which, as it turns out, weren't there! Again! I was getting more & more chesty whilst I waited for them to 'have another look incase it was hiding'! In the end they coudn't find it so they rang the surgery & came back to me telling me if I went back in two hours they would have it! I said in no uncertain terms that I didn't think I could stay in town for another two minutes let alone two hours! The woman could see I could hardly speak! I just wanted my meds in for the weekend, is it too much to ask?! Sorry again. : (

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HI.i have the same problem with my meds,so what i do now is ring up for a perscription with the items I need and then ring the chemist to pick it up for me 2 days later.

I dont have them deliver them as always at work at the time so I collect them and do this

also for my sons scripts also.

love Glynis x


Thanks Glynis, that is a good idea. I just wish they realised the effort it takes especially in this artic weather to get there let alone how it feels to be told your prescription isn't there! If they offer the 'keep & repeat' then it should be more organised. The scene behind the desk today was chaotic to say the least! I will try what you suggested next time & in the meantime I am going to beg hubby to go down for me tomorrow & pick up my 'missing' meds! Take care.




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