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worried and thanks

First thanks for the welcomes the other day, its good to know you're amongst others who are in similar or for some worse situations than myself.

I'm feeling a lot better than last week, my pf's are back up even beating my previous best so something must be working, i've managed to blow a 490 which i haven't done for years - although it was a one off not managed it again, they're hovering around 460.

I'm still off work, sicknote runs out on Friday, i'm worried about going back to work, as i felt like this 2 weeks ago, pf's were about the same but then a week later i had a relapse and ended up back off work - i can't go back for a few days and then go back off. I'm going back to see the dr next weds to review the montelukast and increase in seretide to 500, so am thinking i should probably stay off till at least then, just wondering what people think.

My skins also become really sensitive to touch any little touch really hurts and i'm getting itchy too although no rash, i know the steroids can cause bruising etc but has anyone ever had the painful touch or itchy from either of the meds, i'm really sensitive anyway being allergic to all sorts of things. My latest problem is shampoo - i'm using baby shampoo but for days after i'm walking around scratching my head like i have nits (i have had someone look and check for me)

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I would go with your gut instinct and ask to be signed off sick again as you know your own body best. As you say, if you go back to early and then have to go off again it will count against you when you have too much time off sick.


Go with your gut feeling if the body says rest, then rest you must. In respect of the shampoo I too have problems, so I don't use shampoos like baby shampoo, after all it contains perfume that can aggravate already itchy skin. Oilatum do a shampoo which I use, its not cheap at £6 a bottle, but can be prescribed, so if you have a prepayment prescription certificate would work out cheaper. I also might add to get the menthol one if really itchy, it really helps me.


Hello & welcome too Tordyjo,

This forum is good for support from others who may have been in a similar situation. There is a wide range of cases here as you say, some at the more severe end with multiple admissions etc so please don't let it scare you off as this is much more unusual.

It is tricky at work balancing sick leave. It is worth checking your work policy on this if they are being difficult and maybe ask about union support. Do you work in the NHS by any chance? Think I saw you were a nurse? You have to consider if you are well enough to work.

Not sure about the sensitive skin, I know I did bruise much more easily when I was told to double up on Seretide 250 earlier this year which also increased the salmeretol dose but I also had several courses of prednisolone. Personally, I found I had the most benefit from Atrovent which my GP added, then also surgery for sinus/deviated septum and maybe also now from reflux as have been better in the mornings since starting new prescription for that last week. Haven't (touch wood) had any more monthly prednisolone for a while. I too have a stash at home and it's on my repeat.

In regards to the itchy scalp, is it in a particular distinct area? Your description reminded me of someone who said similar but then found out they had shingles along a nerve/skin area.


may help with itchy skin


Sorry you are having such a bad time with your asthma, can't offer anything but sympathy! If your peak flow is high according to percieved wisdom but you still struggle it can be difficult to understand what the problem really is and how to manage it. Sounds familiar!

I also sometimes have itchy skin for no apparent reason. I have never managed to work out any pattern of triggers or where I am itchy. I have found that anti histamines do the trick for this. I use cetirizine ones, only because that was the first type I tried. I don’t know of any issues with using antihistamines with asthma treatments but probably wise to check if you want to try antihistamines.

Hope things improve for you soon.



Yes TJ i do work for the NHS i'm a community staff nurse (basically district nursing) so i'm probably not physically fit enough for work at the moment. My main worry is because i went back last week after 2 weeks off then have had to go back off sick again i don't want to go back to have to go off again - just doesn't look good and people start to get annoyed, i'd rather stay off till i know i'm better. I've already been to occ health so they're aware of the problems with my chest at the moment, but this is the worst my asthma's been for 20 years, its been really well controlled up to now.

i'm feeling much better in myself but have just had a singing sesh with my daughter and am feeling very out of breath - think that answers my own question really.

The itching is behind my ears and round the back of my head, never thought of shingles although there's no lumpy bits to feel, just itchy.

I have not long finished the second course of pred and amoxicillin and it was about 7 days from finishing before when i started to relapse again, so definately think i'd feel happier hanging on till i go back to the docs


Don't overdo it, speak to the doctor over the phone if necessary. When I used to work I was sick weekly, my consultant found out that air conditioning and viruses was setting off the asthma. The A/c could not be not be adjusted. My colleagues were worried about me, and I was fed up of collapsing each week, breathless.

Occupational health stood by me and help me to go part-time. Unfortunately, I found I could not manage like I used too. So I had to stop working. So you get all the help you need so you can still do your job okay. Here's hoping your lungs settle soon.



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