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How do you know if you have grown out of Asthma?

I know it sounds like a strange question but it has me wondering. I am 37 years old male who has had Asthma since i was very young, approx 2 years old. I have always been fairly fit and healthy despite this and it has not hindered me to much in my life thankfully. I have only had probably about 3 or 4 serious attacks that i can remember in my time. I have up until last year always taken preventative and reliever. Even if exercising i found i would need reliever etc after exertion - ie i always had to have my preventative inhaler with me.

Now though and for the last couple of months i get what to most Asthmatics (who have had it all their life) an experience that must seem very strange. I can exercise as much as i want, really push my self and out of breath, i really do have that out of breath feeling, but the difference is that there is no wheeze or feeling of Asthma that i would of always got over the last 37 years. At first i almost instinctively went for my inhaler out of habit, but it was purely the ""out of breath"" feeling any person gets, there is no wheeze.

I have now not had any reliever for over two months. I just take my serentide morning and evening as advised. Also my peak flow always used to sit around 550ish, but since last week i am regually pushing 650 with ease. I have to say it is a very strange feeling (all though of course good one)

I will go and see my doctor (not seen him for over a year) but in the meantime my questions to people here is....

1. Im not ""counting my chickens"" but if i no longer have Asthma isnt 37 a old age to grow out of it?

2. Apart from not taking a reliever, how do you know if you no longer have Asthma - will the doctor have some physical way of checking?

3. If it appears that my Asthma has gone, i wonder how i will be phased of seretide? Part of me will be scared to change anything that has led me to my current healthy condition.

I will see my doctor next week but until then wondered on peoples thoughts, if they have any experience of this happening to people etc.

Thanks for your time.


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Wow RAA thats fab news!

I suspect the doctor will firstly lower your dose of seretide? depending what dose your on? then he/she will spilt your seretide back into the two inhalers servent (green) and a brown one, then lower ot remove the geen one, then lower and hopefully remove the brown one!

So good to hear some positive news :)



hi RRA,

Brillient news hope everything works out for you.

IT could be just your meds have it undercontrol and

time will tell with med reduction.

good luck wishing you all the best,

its lovely to here good news .

love Glynis xxx


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