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SOS Talisman

Last time I had to go to hospital with an attack (4 weeks ago), I just couldn't speak to give the nurse any info, and was dizzy and confused so couldn't really respond to questions.

I checked out medical bracelets - someone on here suggested MedicAlert. I eventually plumped for SOS Talisman, as the info is right there on your person without the medics having to ring a number to find out about you.

Today it was a godsend, as again I was dizzy and not very lucid - couldn't even remeber my DOB, so just pointed to my wrist and within seconds they had all the info they needed.

If you don't have something like this, I heartily recommend it.

Stay well

Tracey x

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I am glad it worked so well. I have a medic alert but I also carry a protocol letter from the Royal Brompton and my own letter with a list of GP, current meds, NoK, Name and Address etc. I have never used my medic alert but should I become separated from my letters they hold all the same information I would not be able to get that on an SOS talisman. You can also show your medical alert to any passing member of the pulbic and when they call an ambulance the basic diagnosis can be given.


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