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First time at A&E - was scary (sorry, bit long)

Had an attack on way to work today - fortunately hubby was driving - and quickly realised wasn't getting better with Ventolin, so asked him to turn round and take me to hospital. Had to battle with the traffic back into town.

By the time I got there I was nearly passing out, hyperventilating too and wheezing and crying. All I could do when I got there was hold up my Ventolin to show the receptionist.

Anyway, they were brilliant. Got me on a nebuliser straight away. BP was very high. But within 10 mins of finishing the first nebuliser I was coughing and rattling again, so they gave me intravenous hydrocortisone and another neb. Second neb made me feel really bad - very shaky and heart pumping like hell, thought I was going to explode. They told me that was normal with high doses of Ventolin and to try to relax.

So, long story short, now I'm home, with a 5 day course of Pred (30mg daily all at once!) and I'm shattered. My chest still feels tightish, but more raw, as if I've inhaled smoke and I'm still very trembly. I'm hoping this is normal?

As this was the first time I had to go to hospital I found it a very scary experience. My husband was brilliant. He told me later he was really scared too, but he kept so calm, which really helped me.

Any reassurance/advice would be greatly appreciated.

One thing I have learned from today is the importance of writing down your meds and keeping them with you. I couldn't remember a thing today, my brain wouldn't work. I told them I reacted badly to the green inhaler, and later on when I was a bit more lucid, I noticed they'd put a red band on my arm with the word Serevent on it. It SHOULD have said Salmeterol but they told me when they asked if it was Serevent I said yes.

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Hi Kitanda

So sorry to hear of your experince today, an attack no matter at what stage of your asthma is a frightening experience, I cant remember my first one as its so far back but still feel like you do nearly all the time, I wont say it gets easier but you do find ways to cope and deal with it.

I have a protocol like a lot of others on here, which was drawn up by my cons and on it it states what type of asthma I have and what meds to use and in which order, you might not need that but just a list of what you take would be handy to keep with you incase of another attack as remembering stuff just goes out of the window when you are fighting to breathe.

You will feel terrible for a while, the pred will heal you but also has its down sides and I always feel like ive been run over by a bus, so take some time out to recover properly and look after yourself is key!

Dont expect to feel back to normal for a while and take it easy as the last thing you want is a repeat of today.

take good care of yourself



Hi Kitanda

Hope you are on the mend now, first of all Salmeterol and Serevent are the same thing Serevent being the Trade name.

Its quite common for your chest to feel raw or sore after a bad attack, so don't worry about that. Feeling all trembly is quite common and if you don't take prednisolone often, you might feel a little restless, possibly feel like you might want to eat lots, moody, or maybe extremely happy. Hopefully you will recover quickly from this episode, but for the next couple of weeks don't over do things. Obviously as you have discovered keeping an update list of medication on your person is very helpful when you are either unable to remember or able to speak. Mine also includes GP details, consultant details, next of kin's contact details, other medical problems, allergies. Also if you wish you could wear a medical identity tag, this can be helpful to the emergency services. Various ones are available, there is the SOS tag, which once you have purchased it, you write your own medical details in and requires no membership fees or Medic Alert, which is an engraved disk with a membership no, medics then have to phone the emergency number on the tag and your medical details are disclosed to them from a database that you will have previously supplied your medical details.

Finally since you have never had to attend A & E previously if you haven't already, it would be a good idea to see your GP to discuss what has happened, and see whether your medication may need altering.

Get Well Soon



Thank you guys.

Took it easy this afternoon, and seeing doc on Monday so that we can gradually reduce the pred dose. Have been getting monitored by the doc - 8 visits in last 3 weeks, trying to get meds sorted and get control.

Not feeling too bad at the mo just a raw airway and a sore throat, but know I will feel like a train wreck tomorrow.


Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a scary time. But it was good timing on the part of your hubby.

Yeah you will feel a lil rubbish for a few days, your best bet is to rest up and see the doc

feel better soon!


sorry to hear you have had such a horrible time

just thiught i would share a bit of my own experience(s) with you

just like someone else said (sorry cant remeber the name) i to dont remember my first attack but i was only really little then.

BUT my most recent attack (few weeks) ago has to be the worst i remember having, i like was absoloutely petrafied (sp) and was in the middle of a lesson at college and me being me was determined to carry on , and like you say about your husband being brilliant, if it hadnt have been for my best mates who convinced me to leave the room i dread to thing what would have happened and they said this week how scared they where at the time and i didnt no they wheret hat scared either.

and just like you a was really really shakey for the rest of the day and just wanted to sleep .

lucky for me it was a friday, but had the day of work on sat and it snowed the next week so college was colsed on the monday so i got a good rest for a few days at least

i hope you feel better soon and that my experience helps you in some way as i no how difficult it can be an i always found that listening to other experiences helped me , but may be diferent for you

please take care and i hope you feeel better soon , rest well

( o and just one more thing i wasnt back to normal(?) for a couple of weeks - these things take time although we are all different so take care and dont do to much to quickly )

love and hugs xxxxxxxx


You're all so kind

Thank you all for taking time to reply. I also find it helps to read of other's experiences, so that I know what's normal, what's not, etc.

Taking on board what you're saying about not doing too much too soon. Was originally going to return to work tomorrow, but will see how I feel. The doc at A&E didn't say much about it, other than I should use my judgement, and that I am entitled to 6 days without a certificate so if I need to use them, do it.

The strange thing is that I thought I would do nothing but sleep once I got home, but in actual fact I'm wide awake, and haven't slept at all, despite feeling exhausted earlier. Seem to have got second wind (no pun intended). The steroids, maybe?

Stay well, everyone.

Tracey x


the lack of sleep is due to the pred, thats why its good not to do too much as you will be tired but the pred keeps us all awake!!


Stayed at home today

Well, you were all right about it taking a while to feel ok. I don't feel too bad today, apart from a sore airway and still an irritating cough and feeling like I've been 10 rounds with Tyson.

I didn't sleep much last night. Gave up trying in the end. At 2.30 I was washing bedding and clean sheeting beds. At 3 I was watching telly. Finally settled on the sofa around 3.45am, but was up and about again at 6.30. Strange thing is, I'm not tired at all.

Managed to get an earlier doc appt than Monday, so going today, which seems more sensible anyway.

I have to say, everyone's been so lovely. You guys offering support on here, the people who saw to me in A&E, my friends and family who have all said that if anything like this happens again and I can't get hold of my husband, they're just at the end of the phone. Even my cleaner who is an ex-nurse. She's in today and is shepherding me from room to room as she cleans to avoid dust, and has told me she'll use static cloths instead of spray polish today. Things like this just restore my faith in human nature and kindness.


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