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Ended up in A&E

Well, since my previous post about getting my steroid inhaler changed, I ended up in A&E on Friday afternoon. I had walked round to my friend's house for a practise, and had been struggling in the wind. When I got there, I was breathless and tight chested, and despite loads of Ventolin, it ended up as a full blown attack which I just couldn't get under control. My friend took charge, and bundled me into the car (minus shoes) and took me to hospital.

It took 2 nebs to get control, but during that time, the doc in A&E spent quite a bit of time talking to me. He was asthmatic too, and made quite a few suggestions. Plumie on here also made similar suggestions so it's starting to make sense.

As one of my major triggers is cannister sprays of any kind, then maybe the propellant in my inhalers is a problem? The doc also mentioned that, and said I should go see my GP again, and ask for a nebuliser to use at home, and investigate using accuhalers. Plumie has also suggested this, so I'm doing some research and going to doc tomorrow armed with info. It all makes sense now if that's what the problem is.

So, sleepless nights and more pred, but feeling much more positive.

Tracey x

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glad you went A n E and finding out triggers,love Glynis xxx


Hope your feeling much better soon,I had 2 nebs and oxygen myself this morning, hubby dialed 999. It's just such a shock, was sleeping and it all went pair shaped.Off to docs too to see what I'm supposed to do next as pred not working and on day 4. Glad you got some help at the hospital and great advice too, our local hospital is hopeless, that why hubby got ambulance, as it is safer where I live.

Take care

Kate x


Definately ask your GP to put you on accuhalers there are no aerosols or cannisters involved. You can get a blue inhaler in the accuhalers as well. It also comes in two strengths 100mg and 200mg of salbuamol (ventolin). I hope that accuhalers help you! They certainly have done me!

Only downside is being able to use the accuhaler in an attack, but it is better than being triggered by your asthma inhaler.



accuhalers are the best dry powder ones


Im am actually allergic to the aerosol element of the salbutamal evohaler, i used an aerosol one when i was first told I had hayfever related asthma and that made it worse. I was put on qvar and that was aerosol - which did nothing. I think the accuhalers are better than turbohaler (my reliever is a turbohaler - but nothing turbo about it) my new preventer inhaler is a accuhaler which keeps the powder in a blister which wont clog and give half does like my reliever can potentially do.

I reccomend accuhalers too - but the only negative thing is that the doses only go up to sixty. So a bit of a pain as now that im post asthma flare up im using a double dose preventer and im paranoid one sunday i might see a 4 or a 0 on the does counter thing and panic.


Hi confused

the way to get round that is always have one in as spare and when you start using that one order another one!

I always have one extra purple, orange and blue accuhaler in than i need so that i never get in that position.



hi katanda,

I use the acuhaler and my doctor gives me 2 a month as on 4 puffs a day and would run out,your

doc should do also if you ask Glynis xxx


Thanks for all your replies guys. I'll keep you posted on how I get on.

Tracey x


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