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Asthma & getting to sleep but really good peak flow?!

Hey peeps

Haven't posted for a while as have been pretty alright. I have however noticed that the last few evenings I've been wheezy and coughing as I've been trying to get to sleep. My inhaler sorts it out but takes quite a few puffs and an hour or so till I feel comfortable to try and go to sleep. Does anyone else get this? Oh and my peak flow is the best it's ever been so that's really confusing me!!!

Cheers for any tips, Zippi xxx

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Hi Zippi,

Not sure how much I can help but can sympathise esp. with the confusion re PF as mine never seems to match up either!

Don't know that I have any great tips for getting to sleep except if you haven't already tried it, propping yourself up may help with the cough a little. Lying flat is supposed to be worse for asthma and coughing so if you aren't already try raising your head/shoulders in whatever way works best (you can also put something underneath the mattress).

Hope you get it sorted soon! xx


Thanks, developed a cold/chest infection a few days later so think it might have been related to that.

& yeah never understand my peak flows!?! makes no sense but hey. xxx


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