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New here

Hi all i'm Charlie a 22 year old with Brittle asthma i've found these boards today after i looking up about complimentary therapys on the net. Can't believe I haven't found it before.

I have a beautiful 14 month old daughter and live with her and my fiance in Chelmsford, Essex.

I'd love to hear from people who are in the same boat as me.

I've been stuck at home on o2 2 hourly nebs and 60mg pred for the last week as i had a horrible bug that set my chest off. My skin has had enough of sub-cut and I DO not want to go in unless I HAVE to.

Hope everyone is well and I look forward to ""meeting"" you all soon.

Lots of love

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Hi Charlie, I've only just found this board too, and I'm just down the road to you in Billericay! There's a really great community on the boards - and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I imagine being a new mum is difficult enough, even without having a medical condition yourself! How are you finding motherhood? Does your daughter have asthma too?


Hi and welcome.

I have brittle asthma too and find keeping up with the discussions a great help as well as being very interesting. There is always someone around who understands and some one who can boost your spirits.

take care



Hi Charlie, welcome to the boards!

Sarah owl


Hi not from your area but my consultant has been writing to a chest consultant at bloom field Hospital (I think thats right) to get advice on my treatment as nothing seems to work. So you are lucky if you attend that hospital because they seem very up on Asthma treatment. It must be terribly hard to cope with a toddler, hope you get lots of help


Hi guys thanks so much for a warm welcome!! :)

Yes Broomfield hospital has three chest consultants and they are all brilliant! I am under Dr Jenkins who took over from Dr Utting a fair few years ago now who was also great but retired :(

Yes my daughter Abigail has asthma but touch wood and fingers crossed has not been too bad and is only on ventolin via a spacer with a mask and not on any preventative medication so far which is such a releif as I so hope we don't need to start going down that route.

Billericay is very close to me, my other half works there as a teacher at Billericay School. What hospital do you attend?

Hope to get to know more of you soon and it really seems like i'm not alone here everyone talking about what is day to day here :)

Thanks again everyone



Hi Charlie!

Kate here! (from Witham!) nice to see you here and welcome to AUK! Sorry the lungs are giving you hassle! MY cons is Dr Blainey but I see Dr Jenkins occasionally - both very good!

I use my s/c on and off on an as & when basis, nebs every day and O2 when needed!

Anyway, will catch up via e-mail sooon!

How's Abigail doing? toddlers are very energetic!

Take care




PS Hop over to Camping for general chat and advice on brittle asthma, s/c etc! There are quite a few brittles here!


Welcome Charlie.



Hey Kate!!! (Stranger) what is the relation to kate moss thats what i'd like to know ;)

Where have you been hiding!!!

Glad i've found this place I was just really fed up the other night searching online and found it so i thought i'd say hi! :)

Stupid stomach is black and blue from s/c and look like a hamster from all the pred.

How are you these days?

Off to look for camping thing now .....


Hi Charlie,

have sent an e-mail!




Charlie - in answer to your question - fortunately I'm not treated by the hospital, so I'm not under Broomfield. Very grateful that ventolin inhalers do the trick for me!



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