OMRON Micro-Air versus New PARI Trek S

Hi there, I use an Omron Microair which I find is good as it is very quiet and compact. However, I dont like having to hold the unit at my face when having a bad attack, lazy I know!, and you have to keep tipping the unit up to keep the liquid to the front of the machine, allowing it to continue nebbing properly, otherwise it keeps stopping. I have just seen the new PARI Trek S which looks very good. I used to have a PARI walkboy many years ago and the new PARI model seems much more compact than this. Has anybody bought one?? It's often helpful to find out what other people think before buying one as they are expensive.


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  • The Pari Trek S is the American name for it over hear it called the Uni light mobile.

    I have and use both. I personally prefer the Uni light but it is much heavier, bulkier (but still quite light for a portable neb about 4lb) and noisier than the omron plus the omron uses AA batteries while the uni light has to be recharged takes two hours. Plus the omron is silent in tis operation.

    However Pari is a much quicker neb, and you don't need to hold it during an attack.

    Hope tjis is some help


  • Thanks for the advice. I wish you could have neb machines to try for a few weeks, then it would be easier to see which ones you prefer! The new PARI Neb does look good, although I like the fact that the MicroAir can fit easily into handbag. PARI neb looks like it would take up more space.

    Thanks again

  • Yes, it does - I have a friend who used to have the Pari, and it takes up more room. Still able to fit it into a handbag, but it would have to be a *bigger* handbag!

  • Oh well, might as well splash out on a new handbag too!!

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