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fabby neb/medical bag

I know this is sad but I wanted to let people know about my lastest find! I have just bought a thing called a Dia-Pak. It is a wallet designed for diabetics but it is fabulous. It works as a wallet or clips on a belt. It fits my Omron MicroAir plus mask, nebs and spare batteries, an EpiPen, Prednisolone and more. Plus, it doesnt look too medical. I think it's fab. Got lots of compartments for stuff and also you can get it in a larger size for long trips etc. Just thought I'd share my info as I think it would be quite a good buy for many asthmatics who need to carry quite a bit of stuff. I used to have all my stuff in a plastic lunchbox so this is much lighter to carry round.

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Hi Karly,

Sounds good! My epipens are in their own case and neb in its own but I sometimes pop them in an outdoors type shoulder bag, the travel type one and this works well most of the time.

Have you got a webby site so I can have a peek?





Woop! I have the Dia-Pak Deluxe, cramming everything needed for trips -Accu-Check Advantage meter, lancets, 2 test strip bottles & inhalers in the elastic loops, Hypo-gel, SofClix Pen, charts, tablets etc- and as an added bonus, American customs could raid it without too much hassle! ;)

I also have a Desang Slim Kitbag for shorter trips- a leather/plastic organiser wallet with pockets and a clear pocket on the outside to jazz up with piccies...

Okay admittedly this is fairly sad :) But i can control my medical problems far easier with everything in one place & makes traveling way calmer. Both organizers are for diabetes but are great for hypoglycemia & asthma kit :)

Here ya go:





Tanks for that adress my bags seem to be getting bibbber with all i have to carry with me Rachel C


You seem to be able to get the Dia Pak on many British Diabetic websites. Just type it into Google. I think mine came from a place called Diabeticshop.co.uk

Certainly a good buy!


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