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Medical Translation Cards for Travelling

Hi there, I am in need of some advice. I am a brittle asthmatic on nebulizers/steroids etc who has had many admissions to hospital. I am due to travel to Hungary later on in the year. My GP says there is very little English spoken in Hungary so it would be a good idea to get a card translated with my basic medical details on. I have found a couple of translation websites where I can enter details and get them translated into Hungarian. The only problem is that I cant check if they are accurate as I dont know many Hungarians who can check it for me!!!

Just wondered if anyone knew of a specific service where you can send in medical details and get them translated and printed on a card to take abroad????

Any advice would be great

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Haeb u thouhgt about getign a medic alert braclet.

Teh beloow gievs u an ideaa of hwo it woorks

In an emergency, vital information is available on the back of your MedicAlert® Emblem. Medical and emergency personnel can then telephone the given number and by quoting your ID number and after clearing security checks, they can receive further important details where appropriate. For example: your name and address, doctor’s details, current drug therapy or next of kin.

This 24 hour emergency telephone service is dealt with from our emergency call centre housed within the offices of the London Ambulance Service. The emergency telephones are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with trained staff on hand to answer all calls, including reverse charge calls, from anywhere in the world with a translation service available in over 100 languages. In an emergency situation there is always someone on standby who can give your vital medical and personal information. All calls are logged, with full details of the caller, the nature of the call and the response given.

hpoe thiss mighht help





why don't you try the British embassy web site in budapest. just type in a search on british embassy hungary. i'm sure they could help


Hi Karly,

Have you tried Allergy UK? I think they do a card translation thingy for around £10 or so.

Make a list of your meds with all the generic names as they are universal so thay may help.

Also, try what Rusty suggests and ring Medic-alert to see if they can provide you with a card to go with the medic allert bracelet. (I knew they were world wide but didn't realise they did a translation service) I think it is usefull to have a ready translated card on you there & then rather than relying on someone in Hungary ringing medic alert to find out details which may take time.

(I will look into that as well - could do with a french or Italian translation at some stage)

I don't know of any Hungarians but will keep my ears peeled and let you know!

Take care




Hi Karly,

Our company was in contact with Alden Translation Services a couple of weeks ago to get a technical leaflet translated from english into a number of different languages. We have as yet not placed an order with Alden as our client has not decided to proceed (at the moment). However, they do appear to be very good and can provide technical translations (including medical) which I think would indeed be a problem if you used a website based service for translating information contained on a medical card.

It is common place for technical translators to charge per 1000 words plus VAT. So the cost could be quite expensive - in the order of £50 to £80 per 1000 words plus VAT but this would be dependant upon the language and the level of technical/medical content.

Another company which has a good reputation is Edinburgh Translations Ltd.

I hope this helps a little.



Thanks for your advice. I am a member of medic alert but my GP wants me to have a card which is already translated into Hungarian and which lets people know that I have been ventilated before and also which IV medicines I respond to the fastest when I am very unwell. I will ask medic alert if they are able to print the membership card in other languages though. They might be able to help.

Will try the other suggestions aswell.


Hi there. Just tried Allergy UK and they do lots of cards, but unfortunately none in Hungarian!!! Never mind!!! Might be useful for people travelling elsewhere though.


Hi Karly,

was worth a try.... anyway , I have just looked at the Medic-Alert website - thats where Rusty got her info.

Also, is there a language department at Edinburg Uni?

Clutching at tentative straws here!

Take care




Thanks Kate. I have done a Hungarian translation using one of the free internet tools so I could try asking someone at Edinburgh Uni to check it is correct for me. My Hungarian isn't that hot!!!! Will look into whether medic alert can translate their membership card. That might be one avenue to look into. I really need something where I can send my details and get someone to translate and also make sure that it makes medical sense!! There doesnt seem to be a Hungarian equivalent to ""Anaphylactic"" ,although I have found a work for ""nebulizer"". The things you discover being an asthmatic heh!!!!



I work for an european company and we have a hungarian office (offices all over euope actually)

If you needed ANYTHING translated I can get it for you.

For example ""I have asthma, I need to go onto a nebulizer etc etc""

You can then type this onto a card, and keep it about your person on a dailey basis

Let me know if I can help?


Thanks. That would be really good. Even if I could just get the information checked over by someone who speaks hungarian then that would be great. I need to know if it makes sense!! Not sure how I can get my email to you as we are not able to type them into these messages.

If we could contact each other by email then I could send the info to you. That would be really helpful.



Type what you want to say in english and I will get it tanslated tomorow at work.

you can then copy and paste and print it, and even make it into a card if you want


OK Thanks. I need Hungarian for the following! I think the medical words might need to just be in English as I am not sure if they have a Hungarian Equivalent. Thankyou so much for your help!




Date of Birth

Next of Kin

Emergency Medical Information

I am a severe asthmatic. I have been admitted to hospital many times before and have been mechanically ventilated in the past.

When I am unwell I can deteriorate very quickly and am often unable to speak.

Recommended Medications in an Emergency situation

Nebulized Salbutamol / Ipratropium

Intravenous Hydrocortisone

Intravenous Magnesium

Intravenous Aminophylline

I am also anaphylactic to Clarithryomycin, Cotrimoxazole, Aspirin and Shellfish.

I carry adrenaline injections for my anaphylaxis


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