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Oxygen on board aeroplanes

Just wondering if anyone knows whether Oxygen is routinely carried on aeroplanes. My GP wants me to check before I fly as I have brittle asthma and often need Oxygen in an emergency. I dont need it all the time though so I would only need it to be there in case of emergency. Does anyone know whether all the airlines carry it on board???

Any information would be great.

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I hope you are going some where nice.

I know i ahve been on a few different airlines and had attacks and they ahve always carried oxygen which i ahve used. i think they probably routinly carry it. i would check

but hope this helps




Hi Karly,

All planes do carry emergency O2 just in case they 'decompress'! at altitude.

I would get your doctors aproval to fly in letter form so you can send it to the airline. Some airlines are free if you request that you may need O2, some will charge, even if you don't use it!

Also, get a letter to say you are carrying sharps in the form of epipens ( if you have them?) too.

When I flew to the Falklands, I didn't state that I needed O2, (It can also increase your travel insurance - I used Post Office with an excess which covered me) but if I did need it mid flight I am sure that they would have provided it in an emergency. ( they, the RAF, off loaded me instead on Ascension on the way home! LOL! I was just a little breathless with the heat , but asthma not that bad!)

Which airline do you have in mind?

Also try the British Lung Foundation web site they have a list or can send you one with airline policies on O2.

Take care




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