Free home insulation

Just a quick post to let any asthmatics on DLA know about this. I was completely unaware until recently that I was entitled to a government grant forhome insulation because I am on DLA for my brittle asthma. Thought it was too good to be true but yes, it is true. Anyone on DLA is entitled to loft insulation and cavity wall insulation for free! Got ours done yesterday. Been a godsend as we live in Scotland and it is snowing yet again. Just wanted to let others know as many of us do nor seem to get the info about the things that they are entitled to.

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  • Thanks for the tip Karly,

    though I think this applies if you live in your own home and not social / rented housing.

    Glad you are nice & cosy now!



  • Thanks

    For info although it does not apply to me. Any information about entitlement is good because its hit and miss otherwise.

    Glad you will be warmer cos its getting cold again.


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