Aeroneb Go"" portable nebulizer

Has anyone used the ""Aeroneb Go"" nebulizer by respironics??? My Omron MicroAir has died but I've had it for about 3/4 years which is quite a while given my heavy use!!!

I just saw the ""Aeroneb Go"" on the internet. It has a separate controller which looks like a computer mouse and then a tube connected to a mask/mouthpiece unit. I never liked having to hold the whole MicroAir nebulizer unit to my mouth when I was wheezy. Would rather have it sitting on a table and tube connecting my mask to the unit. How lazy am I???

Has anyone got this nebulizer?? Any advice would be grate. Have look and see whether you think it looks good. It's a shame they cant send you them to play with so you can make an informed choice!!

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  • Dont bother with it!!

    I bought one and sent it back within a week. It didnt seem to neb properly and let me feeling as if i hadnt had a full neb. Also i found that each time i used it i was left with a burning feeling in my mouth which took a couple of hours to resolve but re- appeared with the next neb and this want the case with my home neb.

    Finally you have to replace the battery unit every year, i suggest u replace your micro air with a new one as they seem to be the best and i think you will find that many campers will agree with me!

    Let us know what u opt for.

  • Hi Karly,

    sorry to hear Omron RIP.

    I have asked various people in the past and Evergreens company about aeroneb go and was told it had all sorts of problems. Sorry.

    I would go for another Omron, or you could look at the new Pari ones.... I think they are lightweight etc and have hands free masks.

    If I think of anything will let you know!

    Take care



  • Thanks, burny feeling in mouth does not sound too encouraging!! I was also looking at the PARI Trek/Light (yellow one) but I used to have a PARI walkboy and the unit and the tube got very hot during use which meant that I was reluctant to neb for too long!! I prefer a separate neb unit from my mask so I can go ""hands free"" and go online,read etc while I neb. With the OMRON I have to hold it all the time.

    Has anyone tried the new PARI yellow one. It would be interesting to know if it is an improvement of the walkboy.


  • Hi Karly, I have the small yellow Pari nebuliser and find it really good. The tubing does get quite hot but it doesn't stop it from working okay and it's coped fine with me heavy use of it. I much prefer the hands-free option too and often read or do puzzles or go online etc while I'm nebbing. With the Pari you do have to change the battery about once a year but they're really quick on delivery and you usually get it the day after ordering.


  • Thanks Becky. Is the yellow PARI neb quiet?? I know some of the nebs are very noisy. Obviously the MicroAir was silent put I am prepared for a little noise in order to have ""hands free""! I dont know if there are any ultrasonic nebs which can be ""hands free"" so I think the PARI might be my best option.


  • The Pari cerntainly isn't silent but it's most definitely not as noisy as the old Medix HiFlo monster neb, which is what I had previously (the World Traveller model). I don't find don't too noisy but then I haven't had anything other than the Medix one to compare it to so it's hard for me to say what it's like for others.


  • The downside with the aeroneb go is it can only neb relivers where the omron can do steroids too. I'm not nebing steroids yet but i though long team. The only pro i have withy omron is when i have to do vent and atro together it takes a long time.

  • Have bumped this up in reply to new advice re portable nebs, cant fault the new omron micro air, although a bit pricey around £160 i think its invaluable, silent and quick and effective. Some companies have them on sale at mo, intermedical is one?

    love Andrea xx

  • Hi I bought my mircro air from here for £147 pounds the cheapest i could find itHope that helpsTracy

  • I have got the latest Pari and in many ways prefer it to the micro air because its a quicker neb.


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