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Grant for a bed and redecoration

Hi all, can anyone help me with any information please. Ok the short story is i NEED an electronic adjustable bed and I have asked for help off the DSS but to no avail. I need this because of my asthma which I sleep sitting up but I also had a stroke and need to raise my legs a little. It very expensive for these type of beds and I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor at the moment as the last bed broke. My amazing girls are my carers and although they are 22 and 19 they have given up a lot in the last 6 years since I had the stroke. My youngest daughter has told me she will sell as many things of her sons that he no longer needs (cot,pram,bath and toys etc) to get money to put towards it for me but I really dont want them giving anymore things up than they already have. Also I have been given a house by the local housing ass. but it has woodchip wallpaper on every wall and that is my worst nightmare. The dust clings to it and makes my asthma worse. Just a bit of a letting it all out on here sorry but any ideas PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi wonky1, I'm afraid I dont know anything about grants etc but what about contacting your local CAB to see if they've got any ideas? Sometimes there are local trusts/charities that help out, but they keep a low profile and dont advertise. Hope you get sorted.


Hi have you got a local carers association near you, if so they are very good to get the best information for you and your daughters. Or try on line at Carers direct, hopefully they will also help.

Hope you get sorted.

Also could you not ask the housing association about the decorating in the house not being suitable for you, on medical grounds and they may help you out.



have you looked into a communtity care grant, also look at a website called turn2us, search it in google. it has a database full of grants from different people for different things and just search for what your needing it for.

it might help. and is worth having a look at


Shelly's suggestion of asking Housing Assoc to help towards redecoration is a good one. I had a Housing Assoc flat many years ago and they contributed towards the redecoration because it had been left in a terrible state. Only gave me £50 but it was better than nothing (it was about 26 yrs ago as well!). It's worth asking.


Have you been in touch with OT they often help with mobility aides.

Hope you get some help from them.


Hi all,

Just to say thank you very much for all your advice. I will be contacting the OT and the CAB tomorrow.

Thank you again I am so glad I asked.


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