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I'm going to have a hysterectomy in October, and i'm terrified of the aneasthetic. I had a small opeartion 2 years ago and was very poorly post op. I was in recovery for over 6 hours as i wasn't stable enough to be moved back to the ward. Since then my asthma has been terrible, with several stays in hospital and more medication than i could ever have imagined.

Can anyone offer advice as to how they coped pre- and post - operatively wit their asthma?



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Hi sue

Hi Sue

I had a big op on my mouth and nose last November and because of the op on my mouth I couldnt take all my meds only the Nebs couldnt even use my inhalers so had to be kept on eye on all the time Didnt have a premed had anestitic as usaul but when I came round I was very poorly I wont say all the gory details but was in itu for 12 hours breathing not to bad but I'm not supposed to sleep without my cpap machine on but because of the nose op I couldnt use it so was keppt on oxygen for 5 days after the op which helped with my breathing I was kept in the hdp ward for 5 days then moved onto the normal ward I had phioso on my chest twice asdy so It didnt get conjested with not moving around much The aneasthetist will talk you through it all anyway and they wil get you to take your inhalers before you down to theatre I wouldnt worry to much you will be in safe hands

All the best Tas



We had a little discussion about anasthetics and experiencs with surgery some time ago. Maybe you will find this thread interesting:

6 hours is not that terribly long for a recovery stay for somone with prexisting medical condition who needs closer monitoring. Sorry to hear though that your asthma was so misbehaving since then.


Thanks Tas and Emma

That link didn't work :-(

I guess it seemed longer for me as other people were being transferred out of the recovery and i was stuck there struggling.

I know that the anaesthetist willonly do the op if he thinks it's safe, and trying to keep myself calm with that.


To make the link work copy and paste it too address bar and BEFORE hitting go delete the SPACE that appears after the *V* in view!!

(Its a bug in the forum software that puts a space in a link if it takes up more than one line of text)!!

I had major bowel surgey last year and then had to be rushed back to theatre after being re-admitted because of a massive abscess in my abdomen!!

Both times they put me out via injections as I react to one of the anaesthetic gases (we are not sure which)!!

But neither anaesthatist had a problem except the first op was delayed as I had to have 24hrs of a high dose potassium drip cause my blood work showed up a very low level!!

But I was on IV theophylinne and IV steroids before my ops (via central line) as I had been nill by mouth because of the bowel problem!!


Thank you Wheezer. It should work now:



Sorry its the person trying to view the link that needs to get rid of the SPACE once they have put it in the address bar before hitting go...

Sorry I didnt explain it well...


I am a bit thick when it comes to computers. Nothing wrong with your explenation. Is there any way this bug could be fixed? It is a bit annoying.


I had hysterectomy 4 years ago and had a big dose of salbutamol inhaler prior to anaesthetic and another load after i cam round as my SATs were so low. The nurse kept telling me to take deep breaths but she might as well have saved hers. When you are asthmatic and doped up to your eyeballs that is totally impossible. I had quote a lot of oxygen for ages afterwards until i was awake enough to try and breathe properly. I needed a lot of ventolin for days but at that time I did only have mild asthma at the time. That isn't the case now!



Hi Sue,

so long as the anaesthetist knows about your asthma, what usually triggers it, and what problems there were with the previous anaesthetic, there is no reason why you should have problems again. If you had the last op in a different hospital, it may be possible for them to get a copy of the anaethetic sheet from before - there is usually a space for the gas-man to write alerts for future ops. It may be possible for them to use a different type of anaesthetic though - have you had a chat with the anaesthetist? If not, it is worth trying to arrange (perhaps through the gynae secretary, or if there is a pre assessment clinic via that) to speak to whoever is gassing for the list well in advance, so they can find out about you and avoid problems - the sooner they know the easier to plan (ie not half an hour before the list starts, which in some hospitals is what happens)

I don't know enough about gynae surgery and anaesthetics to be sure, but it may be possible to use a spinal or epidural, where you are awake (but often a bit sedated, not always), either instead of a general or as well so they don't need to give you such big doses to put you to sleep. There are often lots of options though, and speaking to the gas man early is the way to go.

(sorry if I spelled anae... wrong lots, and avoided it - it is one of my worst words - i once wanted to be one, but couldn't spell or say it!)


Hi thanks for your replies, and help. I still can't get that page to load due to an error - not the address being wrong :-(

An epidural is an option but according to my consultant it sometimes wears off towards the end of the operation!


Very strange. I can open the site with no problems (when I remove the stupid space after v that is). If you are determined enough to look for the thread it is in under Medical on a 6th page from the top. Title is Anaesthetics.


was it the anaesthetist that said it might wear off? cos they can top them up, and surgeon may not be right bout that one!



Hi Sue

Im having an hysterectomy in sept ( it's on the thread about asthma and periods), the op is to try and control my brittle asthma.

Im having it done under a spinal anaesthetic as they don't think they'll get me off the ventilator. If they were worried about your recovery they would off you an alternative like a spinal.

Hope your op goes ok. Best wishes.

Truly x


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