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Difficult Asthma

Have recently been to see an asthma nurse at my local hospital (Iam also seeing a respiratory consultant there) and she suggested that I may have to see a consultant at another hospital in West Sussex for difficult asthma. Does anyone have any ideas where this may be or suggest a good alternative....

I should have asked at the time, but to many other things were going through my head at the time....

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My consultant is on about sending me to newcastle for difficult to control asthma ive never been to newcastle before so going to be a knightmare finding my way round im just hoping I can use hospital transport when I get my appointment then I wont have to worry so much about finding my way around the place


Good luck with your appointment....


Hi malawi

I've been to another hosp for difficult asthma the RBH. Usually they will run loads of tests to confirm the disgnosis of asthma and work with you to get more control.

Hope this helps




I didnt have to go to a special hospital for my assessment as my local costa does a difficult asthma protocol. I was electively admitted for 10 days and had a load of tests. Lots of peak flows and spirometrey tests etc. They do all this just to make sure the diagnosis of asthma is correct and work together to get better control of your symptoms.

If i can be of anymore help feel free to pm me and i will try and help you further.

Take care and good luck lv kat Xx



Like some of the others I go to a different hospital for difficult asthma. I ahve been to a few over the years and have had so many tests and things to try and determine if it is actually asthma as there are many other things whihc is could ahjve been but we found out it is asthma.

There are a few very speciailist centres around the country so depends where you are.

I still attend the resp clinic at my local aswell and they are very good at calling the difficult asthma team when i am admitted and stuff to find out what to do etc.

feel free to pm me if you ahve an questions etc.



Can't add much except don't be put off by the term difficult asthma especially if your asthma has been described as brittle in the past. The term brittle has been so overused and so wrongly used recently especially by GP's and jnr doctors (sorry to those on this board I am sure you don't do that) that they tend to refer to it ""has difficult"" there are very few people who really have brittle asthma most just need to find the right compination of medication to get control.


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